Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Coast 2 Coast

I ain't really saying anything JUST DOWNLOAD!!

mixtape image
Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 61 - Hosted By Maino


Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Dem Times there i see people have LOGO making me feel all JEALOUS and TING (HERE). Its all good man I'm sweating, getting my grind on staying paid. Umm What can I say that hasn't been said as yet? Nothing Twizzy single is OUT!!! It is literally FIRE! its hot yo trust me. Imma Up it in a lil bit so yall can PIRATE it!(UPDATE ITS UP PLAY AWAY!!!).

Fire Ft. Dupes - Twizzy

Shooting a commercial today to put yall up on something and give an aspiring Singer/Songwriter to be a part of the "ALL MIGHTY" MOVEMENT. This ain't no AS SEEN ON TV game man this music thing is REAL LIFE. Good Looks to TREZAY BIGZAY on them Barbados Music Award Nominations I got 4 St.Lucian ones under my belt time to go REGIONAL!!!!!

What else is popping? (You should know by now this is not an introspective blog) KIM WHYTE Mudda F-ing Kim Whyte the girl is a STAR people 3 Singles almost COOK and ready to SERVE. Talk about HUSTLENOMICS people! I think i just Coined the new motto for 09' Get Ya Grind Right and She is the poster CHILD!!!


I got more fa ya this is gonna be a BLOG HEAVY WEEK MA NIGS!!!

Shout outs to DUPES and J (in the words of Caribbean Carter "FLAWLESS!!)

Saturday, December 6, 2008


I am a HUGE Motown Fan, Heck I even like Micheal McDonald and his super Caucasian doobie brother self. The music of that time well it made me who I am today mix in a lil sing along songs from Disney and you have one seemingly well adjusted individual.

I just had to put that out there. Its out there it was embarrassing but its true. Now on to the MUSAK BUSINESS.

Dec. 3 2008
Cherry L School Tour was on and popping. VFCSS well "WE ARE THE BEST" Cherry L took it back to were some of it really started and surely inspired the future leaders of the new cool.

And who better to keep the COOL in check but my buddy Cherry L. The school tour continues on Tuesday 9th Dec. 2009 and goes on from there. I will keep you posted.

New Music is in the works, Kim Whyte and Twizzy got some fly singles on the way and I'm talking like NASA fly these two young people are about to change the face of the south of St.Lucia and all I can say is "Hi Haters"

Christmas singles are out the Jab is Outta the Sac so support it download it spread it sell it. I will post some links as soon as I can.

The season is on and my vision is strong so its time for me to get my CYCLOPS on!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree Just Christmas Me

The Gift List is getting longer. I have got some functional gifts to give the ONLY DUPES you know.

I'm not even playing this time here are direct links: Beats By Dre In Ear Headphones

Friday, November 28, 2008

I'd have to be SUPERHUMAN!!!

"Made out of Stone Made of Steel to not feel what I'm feeling. To Not Luv Ya Baby, Luv Ya Baby" you see that song that is my song.

Super Human - Ginuwine

Many people question my origin the origin of the name DUPES. Man its a long, long story that starts with that song off the last good album (in my opinion) Ginuwine released.

Sometimes I do accomplish 'Kryptonian' feats at least in comparison to my peers, but it takes so much from this man. Sometimes it hurts to shut people out and not let them into whats goin on and how it feels just to be what and who I am. Its hard when emotions and integrity at times has to be an afterthought as opposed to a divining rod (its that lil Y shaped stick people look for water with).

I have definitely been rambling these days a little lost on this path that I call life and some call destiny. At this point if you make your own luck well I am stuck somewhere around Formula 31 reaching for the 51. My batting average is down and I'm pitching way outside of the strike zone.

Sometimes you wish you could just flick the switch and stop being that ROBOT (at least I do) The TIN MAN wanted a heart I'm tellin you now "Mr. I Need An Oil Can". The weight of a heart (a loving one at that) is a hard load to bear so be careful what you wish for.

I'm thankful though for the times i feel like this cause in reality it can only get better. Right now I just gotta convince myself that its true. This blog has been a bit personal these days and little less corporate I wont apologize for that cuz even with out the "super" I still gotta be "HUMAN"


Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Got a Dark Skin Friend ... Look Like Micheal Jackson

And I'm not talking about my cousin from a previous post, ever just have a day a weird day, that just made you feel, well weird?

Yesterday 26th Nov. 2008 was just one of them days. I had a few meetings with some interesting people, some people made me think, some made me smile, but I gotta send this out to the one person that made me laugh (trust me it was a loving laff I promise not my MANDARKISH *dexter reference* EGO MANIACAL ONE).

My mind was opened to new ideas and interesting new things and although some of them cant get me BLING BLAOWW - I can prolly bling bling. I still gotta figga things out in that big head of mine and see how much of my bravado that can be subdued. Its hard to teach and ole dog new tricks and although I don't look it I'm a GROWN ASS MAN DOG.

Does that mean I'm a man-dog or just a man and calling you dog? (maybe i should have used the randy jacksonish DAWG) I'm not sure but if there is any offense I will take it.

Didn't sleep well last nite "Good Thoughts" were peppered throughout my nightmares. Some thing I always say to those I love is "DREAM A LIL DREAM" so at least if you didn't sleep all to well you can always have that. I needed that last nite I think I got some shut eye between 5:30am and 6:30am but I'm steady on that grind gotta pay that LIME ... bill.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Beatmaker

Friday, November 21, 2008

My Mind is Right, How About Yours?

Ahh talent, how do you define talent? Is it a skill that you are blessed with, develop and share with the world? or is it just what it is TALENT a product a dream sold to the weak minded to make them believe in themselves and aspire to achieve more?

Man..... Heck if I know but I'm gonna say this I'm a talented hard working dude man and I'm working my talent hard. I associate my self with talented individuals and I keep it popping pimpin!!

In the past two weeks I have been working with some extremely talented individuals and being a musician a producer a whatever shit a "Hardworker" I can tell you where exactly the talent lies but these people have skill are motivated and have drive.

The BURDEN of being a producer is harnessing this talent molding it growing it and developing it. Investing in people is a tedious experience one that should not be taken lightly. I respect my TALENT and the talented people i work with and I hope that I can be their "Old Ben" Kenobi I resent the term 'OLD' but shit you gotta get there when you get there.

For the people I worked with in the past 14 days Mad Love Mad Props and Mad Respect! You are all stars.

ENJOY "Merry Christmas To the WORLD!!!!"

Monday, November 17, 2008

Whatz HappN Homes!!!

Whats Popping Pimpin?!!

Monday moring 8:41am blogging trying to get this week jumping off and everything rolling smoove. Lets see how far I get 3 R&B joints in the Works. XMAS project is DUN DUN from my end. Mixing THIS week Releasing THIS week. Got some interesting JOINTS for the XMAS you might laff at a few (to be honest they are only a few). Other shit will be popping soon but not soon enough. I'll be back soon I promise!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just Click Just Read

The Realest Shit I Ever Read

Click the Pic

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Baje Town StlyeE!!!

Big Ups to TREZAY!!!! Here he is performing the track NEW GIRL that Yours Truly Produced for him its the first single offa his NEW ALBUM check the performance out MP3 soon come!

Ok Kay Kay Kay Kay!!!!

Whats the word ma people ma people!!! If you are reading this blog today Nov. 4 2008 you shouldn't be you should be out voting, vote for who you want but I'm giving my endorsement to the "O".

I been working mad hard, doing mad stuff, taking mad meetings and signing mad artist. Shout outs to my people and my persons yall know who yall are.

Im listening to the WAVE now and C&W is choosing this heightened political climate to fly under the radar and re brand to LIME, I'm still a lil sour with them but you are talking to a man that is very hard to please.

I dont even know what I gots for yall right about now but soon soon soon enough. Anyways I am chopping up and uploading an interview from my littlest brother KAYO aka Caribbean Carter aka Mr. I Love Music. I cut it up into three parts so check it out below

Kayo CKDU Interview Part 1

Kayo CKDU Interview Part 2

Kayo CKDU Interview Part 3

For Pics and Stuff head over to www.caribbeancarter.com

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Usually I dont this but ahhh....

Man I hardly ever ever ever ever put other blogs on my blogs or like USE my blog to link to a blog. I am just FRESH like that. But the latest entry on my boy Young Mecca's blog is one for the books support the Young Hustle check it on out meccamusic.net/blog

And in the DRAMA DEPARTMENT ALL OVER ME has leaked so Im rushing the PR on it check it out Give it some comments.

"I Love it, You Love it, We Love It Thats GREAT!!!!!" Icy Dude

Friday, October 17, 2008

Check My Fructis Flow!!!

So I Have been producing ads for some major companies recently and at times it can be really HIT OR MISS most times these days I miss. But that is the game here is the review I received for the most recent production.

"Hi Sherwin thanks for your submission. Here is your bullet point critique

*Nice job on this one Sherwin.
*Production is cool, but the music goes off beat early on which takes it out of contention!
*Could you have slid the vocals over a bit/
*I like the fact that you can hear a bit of the old melody in it too.
*Music is tight overall. We love your transitions from chorus to verse and vice versa.
*Overall, it comes down to the vocal sync. But nice job on the music independently.
*Your subliminal synth textures are cool. We hear everything and you got production chops most definitely"

I am quite proud to say that I got this review and I will continue striving towards musical excellence.

This is not a GAME people its a LIFESTLYE!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cant Stop Wont Stop ..... Will Stop? Nah

See Uncle Dame I told you I would make you proud, "we young roc a fella/we fly higher than weather". Confused? people that know me know what Im talkin about so get to know me. Yet another blog post and Favourite things is making the rounds; Candy is still doin its thing LOCALLY but lets get it popping off Harder pick up a phone make a request.


Here is a link to Young Mecca as the One To Watch on Its Another One Blog!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So I Got Me a Text Message

Oh life, this morning Mecc Plec and I just finished My Favourite Things (The Policticaly Correct Version); I loved the original but due to certain issues with certain stations; I had to issue the first unofficial remix. More Info to come my phone just keeps ringing and ringing and ringing. And of course I have got work to do!!
Dupes Out

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Fave things are ........ BLOGs!!!

See they beat me to the PUNCH on the preview look get to Dailytunez.com and get the latest MECCA SINGLE - FAVOURITE THINGS

Friday, October 10, 2008

People!!!! This is Ma Nigg People!!

Damn it man, I ain't saying shit, movement is on, peep the video below even I look a lil' bit younger in this thing man

I will give you a preview of the single soon trust. Just trust!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Xmas List is Growing

My Shirt Size is XL and XXL Free Up Ur Self But I want Gifts

All Available HERE

But here are some pics (This year I have never been easier to please!!!)

I can't say much I'm a geek yo!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

IMEEM , UMEEM we all MEEM for ....

Aw shit son, this site is complicated here is a playlist lets see what happens

Cherry L - House of Wax


But these Shades are Complicated

U Try looking thru yellow louvres all day. Anyways hows it going its October, the internet connection in ATL was a big iffy so I didnt do much blogging or updating lets just say that TSA got to see another side of me. Cherry L is in London. Kayo in NOVA SCOTIA. Shayne in St.Lucia and there is a GYMR reunion in the works.

I have got to make some time to put yall up on things from ATL it was fun and it was eye opening if you wanna see some pics then hit up the FACEBOOK.

I will be back I'm doing this IMEEM thing right now. Too many social sites these days hard to keep track.

Oh one thing I will say Photoshoot in london was crazy and the upcoming 5th anniversary YO! Magazine will be FLY!!!!

I Love this Ad

Saturday, August 23, 2008

X mas is Far but Im Expensive

Look, let me get my M.Carey on I dont want alot for XMAS there are a few things i REALLY NEED.... and if I dont get em well I dont think "We Belong Together"


MPC 2500

If I cant get that get me a MPD32

More to Come we are a long ways away. Wait till you see the mic I need.


Friday, August 22, 2008

HMS Returns

Got ROYALTY check today!!!!! Now I know no one reads this blog I know this, but I don't care. First of all I would like to thank KAYO and TECH for collecting my HMS CHECK!!!!

Lemme See if i get a picture.....................

^^^^^Tech and Kayo in that pic there (Someone Say Eiffel Tower?)^^^^^

NOW LETS ROLL, DUDE I have to be at least in the top 5 producers and songwriters on this Island of mine and I get a measly what I got. Shit man Im bitching cuz I'm hurting for the dough right now. I have already filled out my application to ASCAP and this is the beginning of my resignation.

HMS says they pulled in somewhere near 300k this year and I get peanut shells not even peanuts, COME ON BRUVHS and SUGAH SISTAS!

Where is the love? I am not going to give you the track listing and discog, yet and you know I will be disputing this check.

So I will see you on the BANK LINE!!!!!!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

On the Clearport Right Now!!!

Honestly People, Blogging is it

By the time most of yall lovers and haters read this I would prolly be in the AYER or without the ebonic AIR. I wanna take more pics but with TSA and all hmmm. Anyways Im not done with my Chris Columbus yet so don't stress nun Im just Chris crossing. By the way yall dont even know where I'm goin anyways I mean i could be headed to PRAGUE. I will email you from Prague i promise.

So I'm chilling you chilling, I can have whatever I like and So can you "If you own your publishing". Can't front airport security was a breeze and now Im interneting it Airport stlye. I hate flying I hate lines I hate take off, WISH a brother Luck.



Sunday, July 20, 2008

To the LEFT To The Left

Yeah Man!!!!!

After a weekend of CODING NIGHTMARES. I got me an mp3 player from ACELAYOUTS and I got my Beats popping on my page. Check it out. You Wanna do biz email me. We work something out. I just know we can.

Im the kinda dude that likes to get in the studio and bang it out. Right now I got my studio on my back and no budget. So I'm just saying; you want a beat, email me youngdupes@gmail.com

Keep It Popping Pimpin!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Michael JackSHON

Whats up my people, the 2 people who do read this blog will be happpy to know that I have successfully completed my time travel experiment and have found MIKE. Above is his photo(Its really my cuz TRISTAN but the resemblance is uncanny).

But back here in the early 80's kind of sux though I cant charge my ipod nor can I get a double cheese burger for $1.

All is well for now on the home front, I've got some low quality photos of me rocking the DOLCE SHADES no knock off just real ROCK OFF I will get the HI RES when i get back to 2008.

Greetings from Johnstown,PA


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Take A Look @ Me Now!!!!!

Against All Odds
I am like, thinking right now, I mean right now, whilst i listen to Howard Stern on my broken down IPOD touch, that Im on my walk about. Walking about, Manhattan, New York. Walking amongst "The New Yorkers" and all I can say is "its different" people stay on the move.

Everyone is about what they are about and they just keep on moving. I see so much when I look at people and I read so much. 19 yr olds that look like stock brokers, 60 yrs that dress like "kick pushers". It's fly and I like it. Right now the movement is offline and online. I have made some serious connections and have already produced a banger (AKAI, Thank You!).

Just keep googling, you will see me somewhere soon. I promise.

Oh by the way new Cherry L single is UP on the myspace check it out

Cherry Promo Tag!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm not GONE, I LEFT!!!!

Yonkers, NY

Times Square,NY



"What else do you want me to say? I'm Sorry!!!!" Jay-Z

"Pray for Me If Love Me, Pray for Me If You Don't
One thing thats certain, Give up I Won't"

Dupes Outski for Nowski!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


"Honesty Is Such a Lonely Word......." Billy Joel

Look I'm known to say alot, I'm also known to not say much, but I do what I can to be honest, GYMRMUSIC.COM you would think when you come here you would get music and stuff like that. It happens but most times i just take a chance to breathe really and be real really.

Am I a producer? Sometimes I don't know, I make beats i know that, I have developed a couple of acts and been the all round go to guy for so called "hits". So by they you would figure hey yeah Dupes does his thing. Honestly, I don't get paid, I don't chase fame and at times I'm humble. One thing I do know is that i have fun doing what i do.

This blog entry has got no treats for you guys really (I hardly ever do). I will touch on HOUSE OF WAX JAZZ @ PULSE, this past Thursday 8th May 2008. Dude i think after all the drama that ensued in getting this event off the ground eventually the show was a success. It was a chance for fans of HOW to be in a personal setting and interact with St.Lucia's up coming BRAT PACK. Turn out was decent although some people may think otherwise. We stumbled to a start but once it started heck even I had fun.

I'm gonna post some pics later hopefully today if this connection holds up. I got no good words for the CLUB nor the CLUB OWNER until he pays his dues. Apart from that I hope everyone enjoyed the show.

PEACE can't work without WAR, Cuz with out WAR what's there to be PEACEFUL for?


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Month has Gone By

Damn I blinked and like too much stuff happened. Its the 29th of April Jeezzzz!!! I have seriously been on that grind now haven't I.

Artist on the cover of the yo. Certified Royalty is out. Mecca is back on island. Shayne has a new single. Caribbean Carter Mixtape still popping of and oh yeah.

House of Wax Jazz May 8th @ Pulse.

In the words of T-1000!! I'll be back trick!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Neva Enuff - Young Mecca ft.Shayne Ross and Dupes

"Certified Royalty" is on it's way Young Mecca fan's watch out, keep it locked to GYMRMUSIC.COM for more info. In the meantime and between time. Here's a treat.

New Single from Young Mecca "Neva Enuff" ft. Dupes & Shayne Ross

Check out Mecca's webpage here

"Ya already know Pimp'n" Call Up your radio station and ask them why they ain't playing this joint. ASK THE "YO" MAGAZINE where the lyrics to that one.

Shepp Dawg Does London

Stream Caribbean Carter HERE!!!

The Caribbean Carter Mixtape by prominent St. Lucian rapper Filbert ‘Kayo’ Salton features artists like Shayne Ross, Cherry L (cameo) Baby Girl Trish, Sisterhood, ,Danel Fostin and J-Co & Teff from Barbados. As the name implies, Caribbean Carter is a regional affair, having been recorded at the House of Wax, Slaughter Arts and Heights Studio in St. Lucia, Worrell Bros. Music Studio in Barbados, at Precision Productions in Trinidad. The sessions were initially leaked. Some of the producers include Dupes, Leebo, Minim from Worrell Brothers, Patrice and Nigel Nicholas, and KC Phillips ,son of legendary producer, guitarist and engineer Mr Kenny Phillips;All these are brand name producers.

Due to the great anticipation for this album, tracks were leaked to partyaccess.net and were played on The Wave and Radio 101. 3 songs "In My Dreams" and "In Da Band" Leaked on HTS Radio 100 Thursday Night Hip Hop Show Shawn St.Clair. The Wave also gave a taste of the single "Brand New" from Kayo produced by Dupes last week. Though a project that took months to complete in terms of setting schedules and choosing beats and concepts, the final recording session last well over 13 hrs straight, with Kayo showing his Makavellian work ethic.

The full Caribbean Carter Mixtape is available now for free download at www.caribbeancarter.com

Friday, March 28, 2008

Take You Home BET J Premiere

A Little Birdie Told Me to Keep My TV Locked on BET J on the following dates to see

Shayne Ross' "Take You Home" Video (Produced by Yours Truly)

Here are the dates

BET J will be airing St Lucia Music Awards ‘Best Music Video’ Shayne Ross’ ‘Take You Home’ on the Island Lime In Video Show on the following dates:

The episodes will air at 11am & 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)
29th March 2008
5 April 2008
12th April 2008
19th April 2008

Get Cha' Popcorn

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cherry L & Ken Hardy Featured in SHE MAGAZINE

What More Can I Say!!! Ladies Eat Your Hearts Out!!! Go Cop This Month's SHE Caribbean Magazine