Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Got a Dark Skin Friend ... Look Like Micheal Jackson

And I'm not talking about my cousin from a previous post, ever just have a day a weird day, that just made you feel, well weird?

Yesterday 26th Nov. 2008 was just one of them days. I had a few meetings with some interesting people, some people made me think, some made me smile, but I gotta send this out to the one person that made me laugh (trust me it was a loving laff I promise not my MANDARKISH *dexter reference* EGO MANIACAL ONE).

My mind was opened to new ideas and interesting new things and although some of them cant get me BLING BLAOWW - I can prolly bling bling. I still gotta figga things out in that big head of mine and see how much of my bravado that can be subdued. Its hard to teach and ole dog new tricks and although I don't look it I'm a GROWN ASS MAN DOG.

Does that mean I'm a man-dog or just a man and calling you dog? (maybe i should have used the randy jacksonish DAWG) I'm not sure but if there is any offense I will take it.

Didn't sleep well last nite "Good Thoughts" were peppered throughout my nightmares. Some thing I always say to those I love is "DREAM A LIL DREAM" so at least if you didn't sleep all to well you can always have that. I needed that last nite I think I got some shut eye between 5:30am and 6:30am but I'm steady on that grind gotta pay that LIME ... bill.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Beatmaker

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