Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Are U Lazy? Im Not!

What ever happened to true effort, the desire to learn and develop ones ability? What happened to the problem solvers? What happened to the ones that could look at a problem or at something going wrong and continue on in the mode to make it right or at least better? What happened to the hunger that was followed with the effort to do that extra work, take that extra step or go just a little more above and beyond? When did the laziness set in, the complacency, and when did the expectations grow to the point where some think it should simply come their way and they deserve all they want with as little effort as possible.

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Can I Google You?

It's a funny thing, some people do it everyday some people have never done it but when you get a minute, GOOGLE Yourself type your name in the search bar and click go. See what comes up. I don't care if its your stage name or your real name.

Now you may be very surprised what you see and what you might not see but your likely to see something. This is your GOOGBILITY (I just made that word up).

If your a musician and artist a songwriter someone gotta know you and its up to you to make them know you. So do some research and get your stats up get your hits up do something.

I have worked with a number of artist in the past 7 years and I have learned things and I have taught things. Here is a message to those of you looking for that deal or success. Be about something and you will become something.

Working your EPK your DIGITAL EPK let people know who you are what you do and why they should love you! This is the only way to move forward so start moving.

Here is an example of a VIDEO EPK that every established artist should have.

Who is Izza Kizza from Izza Kizza on Vimeo.

I learned about this Guy today and now he is on my radar Imma be following his career. What you gonna do today to make me wanna follow you?