Friday, March 20, 2009

Remix KICK

Stems and Seeds

I'm thinking of going on a remix kick with this album from Ben Folds, I'm not asking for permission just gonna do it.


Show Out!!! Jazz Festival 2009

Yeah Guess who is on the JAZZ LINE UP!!!!!

Shayne Ross of COURSE Mr. Maybe Whinehouse, ha ha Mr. R&B Ross Co-Founding House of Wax Alumni is Performing Friday Nite at the St.Lucia Jazz Fest. for more info and of course this link right here. Look Carefully you will see who he is perform along with. STLUCIAJAZZ.ORG


In Love With You - Shayne Ross

Gone but Not Gone for GOOD!... Yet!

What it is?! Let me start off by saying I am still on hold with GODADDY! I mean Jeez Us! they must be trying to hire someone to answer the phones or are not up in INDIA yet.

I have been up to a lot lately and just being busy stacking the proverbial dollar to what end? Honestly I never know. But as I travel and move around I learn more and reaffirm a lot of my beliefs. On the music end I'm getting back into a learning stage just studying practicing and watching certain things fall apart and grow all at the same time; C'est La Vie and the La Vie is Cool not great but COOL! (Mainly because I am STILL on hold. DAMN YOU TO HELL GODADDY!).

Hey go pick up that DREAM LOVE VS MONEY record I love it you will love it and if you don't I will give you your money back (IF YOU CAN FIND ME). This is one of those getting back on the horse kinda blog posts so dont expect anything insight or any golden nuggets of truth or inspiration. Maybe next time.

Cauliflower ear is starting to kick in and for now (F GoDADDY and there DANA FITZ PATRICK commercials).

I'm out be safe