Sunday, April 19, 2009

Temper tested

So for the past few days I been in the zone, straight speeding with it. Making beats not givin a f. Doing what musicians do, being creative.

Get a phone call this morning offa some politics some jobs start coming in, inspired and motivated I rev up and hit a wall head first. I got smashed, had a fist fight with a brick wall again ( I keep losing those).

The studio is down again , so this is like 3rd crash for the year. First a flood second sound card debacle and now my motherboard caught on fire. All in all this shit sux.

After a few hrs of self pity I'm starting to pull myslef outta the hole I dug. Money to be spent tommorow and industry wise I aint sold a beat yet dude. Shit is getting wierd. Today alone I quit the bizz five times I'm just doing whatever I can till I can get to tomorrow.

CALI this week maybe FRANCE next.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Word Cloud

Click to make it bigga "thats what he said" ;)

I really think this is what all the words look like my head when I'm typing up this blog.

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Hey so I am trying to be up things. Tweeting blogging social networking, doing everything online to get noticed. I even have some bloggers on my contact list.

Confirmed the set list for jazz with Shayne, monitoring Kayo's rants Mecca is tweeting too and well Cherry is classified (press released pending of course).

Just got a txt message that shayne will be on straight up on radio 100 so I may have some audio from that or I may not.

We are going in hard on the music licensing for tv and film. Mecca is dropping a new single Tuesday and I'm looking for video directors or even animators I'm thinking Japanese.....
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Be Cool!

Don't Gas Me Nigguh!!! If you can't Pass me NIGGUH!!!

I must say as a producer I go thru some BS. I hear some BS and I at times have to BS so I can get out of BS. I was BS'd into a situation and now I'm tryin to get my paper and ya know what mehn. I get excuses on top of that niggas dont want me to get my ROYALTIES. Dont they know anything about the music biz, I mean anything.

Here is some reading material

I'm still reading it you prolly haven't cracked the spine.

and on top of that I'M WITH ASCAP MY BRUVAH!

Anyways I been getting calls from a few A&R's lately and really just doing what I can to invest in this career of mine. It better pay off soon cuz I will be BROKE soon. I just sent some beats to Soulja Boy, I like the kid man he reaches out, I'm trying to reach back.

Congrats to my boy Cherry L for signing with FUTURE HISTORY LLC. Yo Jamaal where's my contract dude. I got some skills DUKE.

Im watching one of my fave movies BE COOL. i love any flick with music dude. Christiana Milian still cute after all these years.

"Remember baby everything lil thing that we do"


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Songwriters Bill of Rights

I just signed if you write songs get your sign on it dont matter if your ASCAP or not show mad love get mad love!



In my ongoing effort to keep this blog updated I recently received my Stems and Seeds of "Way To Normal" and I have got to commit to doing a few remixes even if it takes me forever.

I have been doing a lot of beats lately so that's cool. I actually have a few clients looking for material I need to hit them up with invoices let me try and do that now.

Here is a link to the
I have created to track this remix project.

Below is the box in game in talk about "Careful" shipments

Funny thing is I don't have a Cd Player on my PC so I gotta rip everything to WAV and load it up. Let's see how long i take to do that!

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You'll laugh you'll cry and you'll laugh again.

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