Monday, April 13, 2009

Be Cool!

Don't Gas Me Nigguh!!! If you can't Pass me NIGGUH!!!

I must say as a producer I go thru some BS. I hear some BS and I at times have to BS so I can get out of BS. I was BS'd into a situation and now I'm tryin to get my paper and ya know what mehn. I get excuses on top of that niggas dont want me to get my ROYALTIES. Dont they know anything about the music biz, I mean anything.

Here is some reading material

I'm still reading it you prolly haven't cracked the spine.

and on top of that I'M WITH ASCAP MY BRUVAH!

Anyways I been getting calls from a few A&R's lately and really just doing what I can to invest in this career of mine. It better pay off soon cuz I will be BROKE soon. I just sent some beats to Soulja Boy, I like the kid man he reaches out, I'm trying to reach back.

Congrats to my boy Cherry L for signing with FUTURE HISTORY LLC. Yo Jamaal where's my contract dude. I got some skills DUKE.

Im watching one of my fave movies BE COOL. i love any flick with music dude. Christiana Milian still cute after all these years.

"Remember baby everything lil thing that we do"


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