Sunday, March 30, 2008

Neva Enuff - Young Mecca ft.Shayne Ross and Dupes

"Certified Royalty" is on it's way Young Mecca fan's watch out, keep it locked to GYMRMUSIC.COM for more info. In the meantime and between time. Here's a treat.

New Single from Young Mecca "Neva Enuff" ft. Dupes & Shayne Ross

Check out Mecca's webpage here

"Ya already know Pimp'n" Call Up your radio station and ask them why they ain't playing this joint. ASK THE "YO" MAGAZINE where the lyrics to that one.

Shepp Dawg Does London

Stream Caribbean Carter HERE!!!

The Caribbean Carter Mixtape by prominent St. Lucian rapper Filbert ‘Kayo’ Salton features artists like Shayne Ross, Cherry L (cameo) Baby Girl Trish, Sisterhood, ,Danel Fostin and J-Co & Teff from Barbados. As the name implies, Caribbean Carter is a regional affair, having been recorded at the House of Wax, Slaughter Arts and Heights Studio in St. Lucia, Worrell Bros. Music Studio in Barbados, at Precision Productions in Trinidad. The sessions were initially leaked. Some of the producers include Dupes, Leebo, Minim from Worrell Brothers, Patrice and Nigel Nicholas, and KC Phillips ,son of legendary producer, guitarist and engineer Mr Kenny Phillips;All these are brand name producers.

Due to the great anticipation for this album, tracks were leaked to and were played on The Wave and Radio 101. 3 songs "In My Dreams" and "In Da Band" Leaked on HTS Radio 100 Thursday Night Hip Hop Show Shawn St.Clair. The Wave also gave a taste of the single "Brand New" from Kayo produced by Dupes last week. Though a project that took months to complete in terms of setting schedules and choosing beats and concepts, the final recording session last well over 13 hrs straight, with Kayo showing his Makavellian work ethic.

The full Caribbean Carter Mixtape is available now for free download at

Friday, March 28, 2008

Take You Home BET J Premiere

A Little Birdie Told Me to Keep My TV Locked on BET J on the following dates to see

Shayne Ross' "Take You Home" Video (Produced by Yours Truly)

Here are the dates

BET J will be airing St Lucia Music Awards ‘Best Music Video’ Shayne Ross’ ‘Take You Home’ on the Island Lime In Video Show on the following dates:

The episodes will air at 11am & 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)
29th March 2008
5 April 2008
12th April 2008
19th April 2008

Get Cha' Popcorn

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cherry L & Ken Hardy Featured in SHE MAGAZINE

What More Can I Say!!! Ladies Eat Your Hearts Out!!! Go Cop This Month's SHE Caribbean Magazine

Red Carpet @ Music Awards


I'm still waiting to see the thing on TV. St.Lucia Music Awards.

Dupes and Fam!!!

Cherry L

Shayne Ross

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Caribbean Carter - The Mixtape

Download Here

See now man I'm always happy when something gets out. But this mixtape is giving a brother stress (and its done), check this on out people and leave a comment or two.

Kid Kayo got some skills but I am a bit biased I'm his producer, check out the mixtape for Kayo's first official mixtape featuring House of Wax family and production from Slaughter Arts, Worrell Brothers, Frazzy Franchise and yours truly Dupes.

Distributed by House of Wax, get it today.

The site will be up soon.


Saturday, March 1, 2008

House of Wax - It's A Brand Name

Lets Kick it off like this!!! I would like to thank my artists CHERRY L, KAYO, SHAYNE ROSS and KEN HARDY, for making me, DUPES, the UNOFFICIALLY official PRODUCER OF THE YEAR!!! HOUSE OF WAX, YA LARGE, VIEUX FORT, MON REPOS, CICERON YA LARGE.

I didn't know it until tonight but I would hurt a nigga for my music and I'm proud of it, I never understood the Kanye West temper tantrums either but tonight; I got it. It's about pride about respect ultimately its about passion. MISTA L, big respect, its funny to hear me say it even but from you I have learned alot. St.Lucia Music Awards thanks for disproving the whole goal of the event and shifting my focus just long enough, that I would see that my well was drying up; I have no plans of missin the water ( I LIKE WATER)

Right now its 2:44 am and I'm watching PULP FICTION and feeling CREATIVE as MUH Next quetion.

Cherry L , my brother, my confidant,my Silvio Dante. If I'm JEKYLL he's HYDE but when I'm HYDE he's the HULK aint no nigga stronger than this artist (excuse me BEST NEW ARTIST 2008). If he's the Lennon to my Paul; I'm the quincy to his Micheal.

Mr. Shayne Ross,
brother from another mother MR.3, you did it bro, BEST R&B SINGLE , BEST MUSIC VIDEO , BEST MALE ARTIST I owe you a GRAMMY now, lets call that MOTIVATION.

KAYO, my lil bro and Tekk his my homeboy, keep it tight keep it real keep it FLAWLESS, coming soon!!! Mixtape coming. HOUSE OF WAX for LIFE

, this man this, this man embodies an artist he does what he feels how he feels when he feels, i know i dont show it enough but i respect this guy. Ken ya Large, You are a SOUL DREAD.

HOUSE OF WAX - The Entourage of the New Millenium

DAVINA LEE eh feel i know you must be reading that saying I eh mention you, Girl you know we love you and your sister ESTHER LEE to death. We love and appreciate everything you have done for us.

This is not my acceptance speech, this is what it is my word, my thoughts.