Monday, June 13, 2011

Alienated - The Mixtape

Here is goes people the mixtape is out its on and popping head over to this link and grab a copy.

Like I said before this is just a few weeks of hard work with me and Young Mecca support the movement.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stay Up to Date

Hey, thanks for stopping by. Today I think I have made a commitment to blog daily. Its gonna be quite a commitment for someone with a schedule such as mine but lets give it a shot.

I am coming off of a very high energy month having just completed the first month of the #meccamondays series, released the #alienated Mixtape and helped host Hourglass:Age of the Goddess event.

With #meccamondays Young Mecca and I have committed to releasing a song a week for the entire year the last track should be released in May. Every song will be accompanied with some level of video be it behind the scenes or an underground video. So far we have been pretty consistent and response has been amazing.

Here is a link to Young Mecca's Facebook page so you can click like and get access to the material.

The #alienated mixtape released June 11th 2010 is a compilation of new tracks all recording during the #meccamonday sessions. That being said these songs are not fillers or recording room fodder, they were crafted especially for your entertainment. 23 banging tracks that range from party tracks, hard hitting lyrical content and sultry hip-hop/rnb records.

Follow @dupesbeatbox or @meccamusic for exclusive access to a free copy of #Alienated.

Hourglass Age of the Goddess was an event made to honor the power of the woman, and that it did the Garden Inn was packed with ladies of all shades all stunningly dressed and the love vibe was in the air. Moonman gave away copies of the alienated mixtape along with a "spray kit" for the Goddess' deemed the most stunning. Not only was the dancefloor on fire with music provided by Dj Swahli and Hardcore sounds but the Pool was sizzling with bikini laden beauties.

Look out for upcoming events from Moonman Entertainment by joining his facebook page here

So in the days to come I will either be hitting you with Text, Video or Audio letting you know how things are going to be sure to follow by blog by clicking the widget on the left and sticking with me on twitter @dupesbeatbox

Peace God.

"Never Contract a Friendship with a Man that is not Greater than thyself" Confucius