Sunday, February 28, 2010

Taking Inventory

Inventory - a detailed list of all the items in stock

How many times have you lost files on your hard drive? Lost your keys or your cell phone? Suck don't it?

Some of these things can be recreated or replaced all because it's a part of the physical the material. The things that we all need to take stock and make a detailed list of are our blessings our relationships and most importantly the many miracles that happen almost daily.

Life's funny like that but then everything that happens in Life happens or has happened for a reason.

Peep this keep grinding stay aware of the power that you possess to change your life and do that.

The Ramblings of Mad Man

Change the Game Don't Let the Game Change You!!!

P.S. when is Entourage coming back need me some Ari Gold prontissimo

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sherwinn Brice is an accomplished

Where do I even start I have accomplished so much started quite a lot and finished so little. As of recently I became a father and in all honesty its and interesting feeling. Its a game changer of sorts and its a new rank for any body in this journey of maturity and adulthood. It's a new feeling of selfishness and a heavier weight of responsibility.

All I seem to do now is work to keep the bills paid and the food on the table and with reason. Its what I got to do right now. But I can't leave my 'raisin in the sun' I'm not in the mood at all to defer my dreams I'm pushing through still. If I was stubborn enough to get where I am now I will remain ever stubborn push towards my goal of success.

I guess I'm just venting for now. If there is more to be said I will say it eventually.