Saturday, May 10, 2008


"Honesty Is Such a Lonely Word......." Billy Joel

Look I'm known to say alot, I'm also known to not say much, but I do what I can to be honest, GYMRMUSIC.COM you would think when you come here you would get music and stuff like that. It happens but most times i just take a chance to breathe really and be real really.

Am I a producer? Sometimes I don't know, I make beats i know that, I have developed a couple of acts and been the all round go to guy for so called "hits". So by they you would figure hey yeah Dupes does his thing. Honestly, I don't get paid, I don't chase fame and at times I'm humble. One thing I do know is that i have fun doing what i do.

This blog entry has got no treats for you guys really (I hardly ever do). I will touch on HOUSE OF WAX JAZZ @ PULSE, this past Thursday 8th May 2008. Dude i think after all the drama that ensued in getting this event off the ground eventually the show was a success. It was a chance for fans of HOW to be in a personal setting and interact with St.Lucia's up coming BRAT PACK. Turn out was decent although some people may think otherwise. We stumbled to a start but once it started heck even I had fun.

I'm gonna post some pics later hopefully today if this connection holds up. I got no good words for the CLUB nor the CLUB OWNER until he pays his dues. Apart from that I hope everyone enjoyed the show.

PEACE can't work without WAR, Cuz with out WAR what's there to be PEACEFUL for?