Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Morning Early

As I sit here and format my 1.36TB drive into the House of Wax Rig, I wonder... why is this taking so long. I'm anxious and as usual running out of hard drive space. I am for lack of a better term a digital pack rat, I also prefer the term HARD DRIVE HOARDER (cue A&E Soundtrack). I am also listening to a Howard Stern show from last year, Stern takes me away from the drama in the world by giving me a peek into everyone else's. As of right now he is riffing on the Levi Johnston on The View (see below)

If anyone out there knows how that whole thing turned out, let me know (not that I care I just need the comments on the blog).

It has been an interesting week I have been plotting the next couple of moves in this chess game and whilst I am motivating myself with audio video and text, I keep having this sense of mortality creeping up on me. So I guess this is why I am up right now upgrading the rig making it the best it can be if only to enhance my process of making beats.

Had a long convo with Shayne this evening, everybody got the MagicJack these days man (yet another thing I didn't invent... I'm sorry I got to move to India). We caught up on recent developments and went on about the music biz. Shayne and I have a funny way of saying the same thing in completely different ways it's just one of those things. I guess it keeps the conversation moving I'm starting to think we should be on The View.

Ah the way forward, it is amazing how you can see your destination set your goals and then immediately feel completely overwhelmed about actually getting it done or waiting for the day only because you have previous commitments and you are not in control of some of the factors.

My blackberry is off WHEW! I'm relieved. I follow way too many people on twitter but there is so much to absorb experience and take advantage of I can't even fathom what I may be missing out on. Did I also mention I have a case of Digital A.D.D. one look at my profile will tell you that. Step away to link to my profile and just read a headline that Egypt's Internet went down.

I kinda wish my Internet was down for a little bit I might get some house work done. Went to Walmart today and the young lady was trying to figure out what I was doing with shipping tape and a toilet repair kit. I should have replied that the paper chaffs but that would have just been rude. If you haven't already figured it out this is gonna be one of those blogs.

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PS Kenny Rogers is the man
Don't ask... Cuz I won't tell!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tyrone Wells - Use Somebody

Just heard this cover on the STERN SHOW had to SHARE IT !!!!!

Check out for more great music

Thursday, January 20, 2011

M-Audio Venom BABY!

Big Ups to my fellow ASCAP members

Here are some profiles of Upcoming ASCAP writers that are doing it BIG

DJ Frank E

Name of first major placement.

DJ Frank E: "Me & U," by Flo Rida.

What was your most memorable studio moment?

D: I was in New York for the first time, working with Madonna, who I had never met. At the beginning of the session, she walked in the room and said to me, "So, you're the one?" I smiled and politely said, "No, YOU'RE the one." We got along great, after that.

What equipment do you use to compose music?

D: Ableton Live, Midi Keyboard, Virtual Instruments, and Samples.

What distinguishes you from other producers?

D: The fact that I'm a DJ is a huge advantage, as a music producer. After I finish a song or a remix that I really love, I have the ability to test the record out in clubs. I get to see how the audience reacts to it and how it would blend with other songs that are in the same genre. Also, by being a DJ, I'm exposed to the hottest international music. So I have a variety of influences that I can use when I'm looking to make new music. Another fact that separates me from other producers is that I write topline lyrics and melodies. I believe that writing with the artist helps to bring my full vision for a song to life. Lastly, what separates me from other producers is the fact that I've been successful in producing records in multiple genres. I've been able to produce on Hip-Hop records, such as B.o.B's, "Airplanes pt. I" and on Pop/Dance records, such as Chris Brown's, "Yeah 3x."

Read More

This is just great inspiration to see my peers making these big steps

Check out

and Lundon

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Iron Butterfly

Iron Butterfly
Originally uploaded by sherwinn.brice

Iron Butterfly

Iron Butterfly
Originally uploaded by sherwinn.brice

Iron Butterfly

Iron Butterfly
Originally uploaded by sherwinn.brice

Iron Butterfly

Iron Butterfly
Originally uploaded by sherwinn.brice

Female Artist I Didnt Know Much About

Check out this blog post from THE COCOA DIARIES to learn about some stars from across the pond.

I know we all know Estelle but how many people know like these brief backstories...


Don't ask... Cuz I won't tell!

Don't ask... Cuz I won't tell!
Originally uploaded by sherwinn.brice

Hmm. Personally I prefer Red Bull

Hmm. Personally I prefer Red Bull
Originally uploaded by sherwinn.brice

Disco Inferno - The Office

Where are my Original "The Office" Fans out there show Mr Brent some LOVE!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tha Bizness In The Studio w/ DJ Khalil

Great Video of some of the guys I look up too just speaking the BIZ!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

V: The Compilation

I am a HUGE fan of Verse Simmonds (@versesimmonds) found out about him via Rock City another group that I am just bonkers about I got everything that they ever put out. I was overjoyed with the recent news that Verse aka Mr. Buy You Round will be dropping a mixtape every month this year (Better make space on your ipod)

Today he released a two part compilation check it out and enjoy be sure to comment

Here are the links PART 1 and PART 2

If You aint familiar GET FAMILIAR

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Do It Baby - J.Silva ft. Mecca (Prod. by Dupes)

J-Silva Ft. Mecca - Do It Baby (Produced By Dupes) by sherwinnbrice

Download the Official single here from the Islands Finest

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Full Throttle - The Movie

Oh man my cousin Matthew and I used to spend hours playing Full Throttle. Here is a brief synopsis

Full Throttle is a computer adventure game developed and published by LucasArts. It was designed by Tim Schafer, who would later go on to design the critically acclaimed titles Grim Fandango, Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. The game features voice actors Roy Conrad and Mark Hamill. It was released on April 30, 1995. It is the tenth game to use the SCUMM adventure game engine. (more)

Oh man and up till a day like to day we are big LUCAS ARTS fans. I'm happy to know that we are not alone someone put together all the footage from the game and made "Full Throttle The Movie"

Full Throttle: The Video Game: The Movie from Tom King on Vimeo.

If this brings back memories feel free to comment TWEET or SHARE ON FACEBOOK.


Memento Mori - Remember You Die

Memento Mori from Zumbakamera on Vimeo.

Today the 3rd of January is Memento Mori (Remember You Die) Day. Now why would I bring up such a depressing subject you say? This is not meant to bring you down at all this is just something to make us all more aware that we all have a time limit, an expiration date of sorts. What do you do with the milk when you know the expiration date is close? Take full advantage of that thing and make the best use of it, we make milkshakes smoothies and start eating all the cereal you can so that money you spent on that gallon doest got to waste.

Same applies to life only difference is we don't know the day we just know its coming; that's what makes it interesting. We all have a proverbial bus just waiting to hit us so why not have fun and live life to its fullest before we have to pay the fare.

Go out and do something even if its for 5 minutes that you absolutely enjoy and savor it. We all got responsibilities we all have stress but we all have a final day. Lets enjoy this thing whilst we are here and leave the worries behind.


This is really some sad news if it turns out to be true. Everyday we are looking for ways to get our music out there by sending it to labels and hoping that our demos can turn heads so we could get picked up and magically change our lives. Look I read a tweet last night that 75% percent of acts signed last year will be shelved. Just think about the amount of acts that made their demo two years ago that we haven't heard a thing from today.

The label system is cool if you can get in and get the love I wouldn't turn down a steady music paycheck for anything. But lets build our own armies so we could keep a bit more of our PAPER in our pockets.

If the Peas took this song or were inspire they should give credit and duckets where its due.

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