Thursday, January 20, 2011

Big Ups to my fellow ASCAP members

Here are some profiles of Upcoming ASCAP writers that are doing it BIG

DJ Frank E

Name of first major placement.

DJ Frank E: "Me & U," by Flo Rida.

What was your most memorable studio moment?

D: I was in New York for the first time, working with Madonna, who I had never met. At the beginning of the session, she walked in the room and said to me, "So, you're the one?" I smiled and politely said, "No, YOU'RE the one." We got along great, after that.

What equipment do you use to compose music?

D: Ableton Live, Midi Keyboard, Virtual Instruments, and Samples.

What distinguishes you from other producers?

D: The fact that I'm a DJ is a huge advantage, as a music producer. After I finish a song or a remix that I really love, I have the ability to test the record out in clubs. I get to see how the audience reacts to it and how it would blend with other songs that are in the same genre. Also, by being a DJ, I'm exposed to the hottest international music. So I have a variety of influences that I can use when I'm looking to make new music. Another fact that separates me from other producers is that I write topline lyrics and melodies. I believe that writing with the artist helps to bring my full vision for a song to life. Lastly, what separates me from other producers is the fact that I've been successful in producing records in multiple genres. I've been able to produce on Hip-Hop records, such as B.o.B's, "Airplanes pt. I" and on Pop/Dance records, such as Chris Brown's, "Yeah 3x."

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This is just great inspiration to see my peers making these big steps

Check out

and Lundon

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