Friday, September 11, 2009

F a trailer here's a video

I been lookin at my past posts what is it with me and trailers. Even if I'm late here is the GYMR premiere of Young Mecca and Davina Lee's "Never Enough"

BONUS TIME: here is some Behind the Scenes footage

Lets Blog About It

Check out this trailer for the upcoming Kayo Mixtape "Just Me and My Music". For more info on Kayo check out his blog at

Kayo got a new mixtape coming out and countless shows in Canada. Im making beats like beats are going outta style tryin to jump up on this placement.

I got the BLUEPRINT 3 and I like the BLUEPRINT more but I will get there. What Can I say I like JAY! His special on bet last nite was pretty cool although i did watch it this morning HERE.

Did anyone catch the Behind the Music with Weezy Last nite! My boiy adam over at got it so check it out and go get it.

Im workin with some new talent these days and soon very soon you will hear the results. The Mecca video is out so you better check it out MECCAMUSIC.NET holla at it.