Thursday, December 31, 2009


Remember when, just remember when it wasn't 2010
Why does something have to end
For something to begin
For some thing to take place
Some thing must be erased
So there could be some space
To welcome it with grace

Here comes another year
Anxiety and fears
Laughter and some tears
Take it all in stride
Take every step with pride
And just know that no matter where you fly
I'll be by your side!

Happy New Year
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Til Death

Over the years I have had the honor of working with some very talented people. My boy TreZay is definitely one of them. Coming straight outta BIM Zay is constantly hitting the masses with new material and I am proud to contribute to pretty much every project he has put out since we connected. Check out TIL DEATH right here

You got my cosign you shouldn't need anything more!!!!!!

WE MAKE MUSIC! Vol.1 Coming Soon......

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Are U Lazy? Im Not!

What ever happened to true effort, the desire to learn and develop ones ability? What happened to the problem solvers? What happened to the ones that could look at a problem or at something going wrong and continue on in the mode to make it right or at least better? What happened to the hunger that was followed with the effort to do that extra work, take that extra step or go just a little more above and beyond? When did the laziness set in, the complacency, and when did the expectations grow to the point where some think it should simply come their way and they deserve all they want with as little effort as possible.

Follow this link to read more

Can I Google You?

It's a funny thing, some people do it everyday some people have never done it but when you get a minute, GOOGLE Yourself type your name in the search bar and click go. See what comes up. I don't care if its your stage name or your real name.

Now you may be very surprised what you see and what you might not see but your likely to see something. This is your GOOGBILITY (I just made that word up).

If your a musician and artist a songwriter someone gotta know you and its up to you to make them know you. So do some research and get your stats up get your hits up do something.

I have worked with a number of artist in the past 7 years and I have learned things and I have taught things. Here is a message to those of you looking for that deal or success. Be about something and you will become something.

Working your EPK your DIGITAL EPK let people know who you are what you do and why they should love you! This is the only way to move forward so start moving.

Here is an example of a VIDEO EPK that every established artist should have.

Who is Izza Kizza from Izza Kizza on Vimeo.

I learned about this Guy today and now he is on my radar Imma be following his career. What you gonna do today to make me wanna follow you?

Friday, September 11, 2009

F a trailer here's a video

I been lookin at my past posts what is it with me and trailers. Even if I'm late here is the GYMR premiere of Young Mecca and Davina Lee's "Never Enough"

BONUS TIME: here is some Behind the Scenes footage

Lets Blog About It

Check out this trailer for the upcoming Kayo Mixtape "Just Me and My Music". For more info on Kayo check out his blog at

Kayo got a new mixtape coming out and countless shows in Canada. Im making beats like beats are going outta style tryin to jump up on this placement.

I got the BLUEPRINT 3 and I like the BLUEPRINT more but I will get there. What Can I say I like JAY! His special on bet last nite was pretty cool although i did watch it this morning HERE.

Did anyone catch the Behind the Music with Weezy Last nite! My boiy adam over at got it so check it out and go get it.

Im workin with some new talent these days and soon very soon you will hear the results. The Mecca video is out so you better check it out MECCAMUSIC.NET holla at it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Davina Lee On Some EPIC EPIC EPIC Shit!!

See this is what I been talking about lets get them hits babay!!!! Get Your Mind Right Music/ Presidential Media Presents Never Enough Coming Real Big Real Soon!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Cherry L Faces In The Crowd and Always Strapped Rmx

Climbing Charts Again TWIZZY and MECCA doing it HUGE

So Im on and I see that Im the producer of the number 3 track(FIRE) on the chart and the number 20 track (HELLO WHAT IT DO); I'm singing both hooks too so I'm thinking lemme pat myself on the back and be happy about it.

Here is the screen shot. Head over the and SUPPORT the movement play the song once or twice. Hit it up.

Head over to the myspace pages and show so love


Friday, July 17, 2009

Jeremy Harding: Sean Paul

Jeremy Harding: Sean Paul’s Manager

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I read articles about the biz all day if I can this one has some serious serious INSIGHT peep it take the knowledge and keep it!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Anyone Ready for a Swim?

So I am not even gone a week yet and all kinds of ish is goin down. Damn St.Lucia just aint easy is it. From what Im hearing POWER SOCA MONARCH is under investigation; hahahahahahaha I love drama! Somebody call the SOCA POLICE.

Since I've been in ny I have seen everything even SOAT (Snakes on a Train) snitches!!! Big ups to the URI band and the URIMovement; the guys are gigging hard and doing it big.

Cherry L is being his Cherry L self and will be performing with some big names once again very very soon. Its been a year since we left for the US and things are developing quite nicely.

If ya didnt know I had a big sale at the HOUSE OF WAX and sold most of my STUFF, some dude at STudio 9 is quite happy trust me. I hit up GUITAR CENTRE and look what I GOT (click here)

Long story short I'm broke now. Imma up a video of me using it you might like what you see and hear.

Kayo Mixtape Underway New Cherry L tracks coming and just more more more!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ok I wanna Start Selling Out!! ULTRA SLIM!!!

What's good I gotta share the cool stuff I see online with people yo so consider this the day my blog died and I stopped talking about me but hey who cares. Check this out

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hello (What It Do) Music Video

In this business of music the MUSIC BUSINESS; things can get complicated. I try my best chronicle as much of it as I can on this blog. Some things are better left unspoken though to help with the career and egos.

One thing that can be said is there is no greater feeling than a feelin of accomplishment. So thanks to all the people that were involved in BOTH shoots; for making HELLO (What It Do) a Success. From the DIRECTOR to the extras to my CREW to the fans. Its all love. SUPPORT this video ShARE this video and keep the music coming keep it pumping.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Friday by Cherry L (Produced by Dupes) Charts Number 2 on BROADJAM.COM

This is a real good look for our music. is responsible for placing music in film and tv. The response that we have been recieving from the masses has been really great. We are holding strong and number 2 and with more support can probably blow out the competition. Help us get this placement people just check out the page and listen to some music. Every Click is a Blessing.


Look out for a Groovy Soca I wrote yesterday for VICKY of SOUTH TENT soon as her track hits the AIRWAVES will post an exclusive (MY DEMO) for you guys to check out see a little bit of the process of how we write for other stars.

KAYO is laying some GEMS On my beats making me feel all good soon as I get the go ahead with that I will post on IMEEM Myspace or whatever.

Keep checking his blog he always got cool stuff up there.

Young Mec hit a bit of a snag with the HELLO Video so we are doing some RE-SHOOTS. Hate doing it but its all in the GAME, My countdown to lock out is coming soon so stick with me and keep us in ya prayers


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Business Focus Magazine

I remember being like 18 and wanting to be on the cover of this magazine,featured a music industry mogul. That day has yet to come, but I did get a two page spread so I scanned it and I am posting it on my blog check it out. Above is the cover you can pick up a copy somewhere in St.Lucia its Free. Big love goes out to my publicist Erica "Gem Carter" Joseph. People always think I should be putting myself out there well here I is. Shout outs to the photographer man LOVED The PHOTOSHOOT

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Charting in the Top 10 on Broadjam

I have been spending so much time being busy I dont have time to blog. I should make more time to blog. So recently I signed up to BROADJAM.COM as a avenue for marketing and promoting my music with hopes of getting placements.

Placements are what every producer is after be it on a indie/major label project or something like tv/film or video games. This helps put "bread in the fridge" and get our names out there hence increasing our credits.

I have been putting a lot of the new catalog on and recently had some great reviews on the music that the team has be making. Below are some screenshots of our songs charting on various top 10 lists.

Cherry L - Friday #6 on the Overall TOP TEN

Cherry L - Turn Me Loose #8 on the REGGAE TOP TEN

Cherry L - Friday #6 on the Broadjam Earth Songs

Swing by my page show my music some love and if you are looking to get your self out there join the RACE


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Temper tested

So for the past few days I been in the zone, straight speeding with it. Making beats not givin a f. Doing what musicians do, being creative.

Get a phone call this morning offa some politics some jobs start coming in, inspired and motivated I rev up and hit a wall head first. I got smashed, had a fist fight with a brick wall again ( I keep losing those).

The studio is down again , so this is like 3rd crash for the year. First a flood second sound card debacle and now my motherboard caught on fire. All in all this shit sux.

After a few hrs of self pity I'm starting to pull myslef outta the hole I dug. Money to be spent tommorow and industry wise I aint sold a beat yet dude. Shit is getting wierd. Today alone I quit the bizz five times I'm just doing whatever I can till I can get to tomorrow.

CALI this week maybe FRANCE next.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Word Cloud

Click to make it bigga "thats what he said" ;)

I really think this is what all the words look like my head when I'm typing up this blog.

Make your own word cloud at


Hey so I am trying to be up things. Tweeting blogging social networking, doing everything online to get noticed. I even have some bloggers on my contact list.

Confirmed the set list for jazz with Shayne, monitoring Kayo's rants Mecca is tweeting too and well Cherry is classified (press released pending of course).

Just got a txt message that shayne will be on straight up on radio 100 so I may have some audio from that or I may not.

We are going in hard on the music licensing for tv and film. Mecca is dropping a new single Tuesday and I'm looking for video directors or even animators I'm thinking Japanese.....
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Be Cool!

Don't Gas Me Nigguh!!! If you can't Pass me NIGGUH!!!

I must say as a producer I go thru some BS. I hear some BS and I at times have to BS so I can get out of BS. I was BS'd into a situation and now I'm tryin to get my paper and ya know what mehn. I get excuses on top of that niggas dont want me to get my ROYALTIES. Dont they know anything about the music biz, I mean anything.

Here is some reading material

I'm still reading it you prolly haven't cracked the spine.

and on top of that I'M WITH ASCAP MY BRUVAH!

Anyways I been getting calls from a few A&R's lately and really just doing what I can to invest in this career of mine. It better pay off soon cuz I will be BROKE soon. I just sent some beats to Soulja Boy, I like the kid man he reaches out, I'm trying to reach back.

Congrats to my boy Cherry L for signing with FUTURE HISTORY LLC. Yo Jamaal where's my contract dude. I got some skills DUKE.

Im watching one of my fave movies BE COOL. i love any flick with music dude. Christiana Milian still cute after all these years.

"Remember baby everything lil thing that we do"


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Songwriters Bill of Rights

I just signed if you write songs get your sign on it dont matter if your ASCAP or not show mad love get mad love!



In my ongoing effort to keep this blog updated I recently received my Stems and Seeds of "Way To Normal" and I have got to commit to doing a few remixes even if it takes me forever.

I have been doing a lot of beats lately so that's cool. I actually have a few clients looking for material I need to hit them up with invoices let me try and do that now.

Here is a link to the
I have created to track this remix project.

Below is the box in game in talk about "Careful" shipments

Funny thing is I don't have a Cd Player on my PC so I gotta rip everything to WAV and load it up. Let's see how long i take to do that!

Follow me on twitter

You'll laugh you'll cry and you'll laugh again.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Remix KICK

Stems and Seeds

I'm thinking of going on a remix kick with this album from Ben Folds, I'm not asking for permission just gonna do it.


Show Out!!! Jazz Festival 2009

Yeah Guess who is on the JAZZ LINE UP!!!!!

Shayne Ross of COURSE Mr. Maybe Whinehouse, ha ha Mr. R&B Ross Co-Founding House of Wax Alumni is Performing Friday Nite at the St.Lucia Jazz Fest. for more info and of course this link right here. Look Carefully you will see who he is perform along with. STLUCIAJAZZ.ORG


In Love With You - Shayne Ross

Gone but Not Gone for GOOD!... Yet!

What it is?! Let me start off by saying I am still on hold with GODADDY! I mean Jeez Us! they must be trying to hire someone to answer the phones or are not up in INDIA yet.

I have been up to a lot lately and just being busy stacking the proverbial dollar to what end? Honestly I never know. But as I travel and move around I learn more and reaffirm a lot of my beliefs. On the music end I'm getting back into a learning stage just studying practicing and watching certain things fall apart and grow all at the same time; C'est La Vie and the La Vie is Cool not great but COOL! (Mainly because I am STILL on hold. DAMN YOU TO HELL GODADDY!).

Hey go pick up that DREAM LOVE VS MONEY record I love it you will love it and if you don't I will give you your money back (IF YOU CAN FIND ME). This is one of those getting back on the horse kinda blog posts so dont expect anything insight or any golden nuggets of truth or inspiration. Maybe next time.

Cauliflower ear is starting to kick in and for now (F GoDADDY and there DANA FITZ PATRICK commercials).

I'm out be safe