Sunday, July 20, 2008

To the LEFT To The Left

Yeah Man!!!!!

After a weekend of CODING NIGHTMARES. I got me an mp3 player from ACELAYOUTS and I got my Beats popping on my page. Check it out. You Wanna do biz email me. We work something out. I just know we can.

Im the kinda dude that likes to get in the studio and bang it out. Right now I got my studio on my back and no budget. So I'm just saying; you want a beat, email me

Keep It Popping Pimpin!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Michael JackSHON

Whats up my people, the 2 people who do read this blog will be happpy to know that I have successfully completed my time travel experiment and have found MIKE. Above is his photo(Its really my cuz TRISTAN but the resemblance is uncanny).

But back here in the early 80's kind of sux though I cant charge my ipod nor can I get a double cheese burger for $1.

All is well for now on the home front, I've got some low quality photos of me rocking the DOLCE SHADES no knock off just real ROCK OFF I will get the HI RES when i get back to 2008.

Greetings from Johnstown,PA


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Take A Look @ Me Now!!!!!

Against All Odds
I am like, thinking right now, I mean right now, whilst i listen to Howard Stern on my broken down IPOD touch, that Im on my walk about. Walking about, Manhattan, New York. Walking amongst "The New Yorkers" and all I can say is "its different" people stay on the move.

Everyone is about what they are about and they just keep on moving. I see so much when I look at people and I read so much. 19 yr olds that look like stock brokers, 60 yrs that dress like "kick pushers". It's fly and I like it. Right now the movement is offline and online. I have made some serious connections and have already produced a banger (AKAI, Thank You!).

Just keep googling, you will see me somewhere soon. I promise.

Oh by the way new Cherry L single is UP on the myspace check it out

Cherry Promo Tag!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm not GONE, I LEFT!!!!

Yonkers, NY

Times Square,NY



"What else do you want me to say? I'm Sorry!!!!" Jay-Z

"Pray for Me If Love Me, Pray for Me If You Don't
One thing thats certain, Give up I Won't"

Dupes Outski for Nowski!