Thursday, July 17, 2008

Take A Look @ Me Now!!!!!

Against All Odds
I am like, thinking right now, I mean right now, whilst i listen to Howard Stern on my broken down IPOD touch, that Im on my walk about. Walking about, Manhattan, New York. Walking amongst "The New Yorkers" and all I can say is "its different" people stay on the move.

Everyone is about what they are about and they just keep on moving. I see so much when I look at people and I read so much. 19 yr olds that look like stock brokers, 60 yrs that dress like "kick pushers". It's fly and I like it. Right now the movement is offline and online. I have made some serious connections and have already produced a banger (AKAI, Thank You!).

Just keep googling, you will see me somewhere soon. I promise.

Oh by the way new Cherry L single is UP on the myspace check it out

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