Friday, November 28, 2008

I'd have to be SUPERHUMAN!!!

"Made out of Stone Made of Steel to not feel what I'm feeling. To Not Luv Ya Baby, Luv Ya Baby" you see that song that is my song.

Super Human - Ginuwine

Many people question my origin the origin of the name DUPES. Man its a long, long story that starts with that song off the last good album (in my opinion) Ginuwine released.

Sometimes I do accomplish 'Kryptonian' feats at least in comparison to my peers, but it takes so much from this man. Sometimes it hurts to shut people out and not let them into whats goin on and how it feels just to be what and who I am. Its hard when emotions and integrity at times has to be an afterthought as opposed to a divining rod (its that lil Y shaped stick people look for water with).

I have definitely been rambling these days a little lost on this path that I call life and some call destiny. At this point if you make your own luck well I am stuck somewhere around Formula 31 reaching for the 51. My batting average is down and I'm pitching way outside of the strike zone.

Sometimes you wish you could just flick the switch and stop being that ROBOT (at least I do) The TIN MAN wanted a heart I'm tellin you now "Mr. I Need An Oil Can". The weight of a heart (a loving one at that) is a hard load to bear so be careful what you wish for.

I'm thankful though for the times i feel like this cause in reality it can only get better. Right now I just gotta convince myself that its true. This blog has been a bit personal these days and little less corporate I wont apologize for that cuz even with out the "super" I still gotta be "HUMAN"


Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Got a Dark Skin Friend ... Look Like Micheal Jackson

And I'm not talking about my cousin from a previous post, ever just have a day a weird day, that just made you feel, well weird?

Yesterday 26th Nov. 2008 was just one of them days. I had a few meetings with some interesting people, some people made me think, some made me smile, but I gotta send this out to the one person that made me laugh (trust me it was a loving laff I promise not my MANDARKISH *dexter reference* EGO MANIACAL ONE).

My mind was opened to new ideas and interesting new things and although some of them cant get me BLING BLAOWW - I can prolly bling bling. I still gotta figga things out in that big head of mine and see how much of my bravado that can be subdued. Its hard to teach and ole dog new tricks and although I don't look it I'm a GROWN ASS MAN DOG.

Does that mean I'm a man-dog or just a man and calling you dog? (maybe i should have used the randy jacksonish DAWG) I'm not sure but if there is any offense I will take it.

Didn't sleep well last nite "Good Thoughts" were peppered throughout my nightmares. Some thing I always say to those I love is "DREAM A LIL DREAM" so at least if you didn't sleep all to well you can always have that. I needed that last nite I think I got some shut eye between 5:30am and 6:30am but I'm steady on that grind gotta pay that LIME ... bill.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Beatmaker

Friday, November 21, 2008

My Mind is Right, How About Yours?

Ahh talent, how do you define talent? Is it a skill that you are blessed with, develop and share with the world? or is it just what it is TALENT a product a dream sold to the weak minded to make them believe in themselves and aspire to achieve more?

Man..... Heck if I know but I'm gonna say this I'm a talented hard working dude man and I'm working my talent hard. I associate my self with talented individuals and I keep it popping pimpin!!

In the past two weeks I have been working with some extremely talented individuals and being a musician a producer a whatever shit a "Hardworker" I can tell you where exactly the talent lies but these people have skill are motivated and have drive.

The BURDEN of being a producer is harnessing this talent molding it growing it and developing it. Investing in people is a tedious experience one that should not be taken lightly. I respect my TALENT and the talented people i work with and I hope that I can be their "Old Ben" Kenobi I resent the term 'OLD' but shit you gotta get there when you get there.

For the people I worked with in the past 14 days Mad Love Mad Props and Mad Respect! You are all stars.

ENJOY "Merry Christmas To the WORLD!!!!"

Monday, November 17, 2008

Whatz HappN Homes!!!

Whats Popping Pimpin?!!

Monday moring 8:41am blogging trying to get this week jumping off and everything rolling smoove. Lets see how far I get 3 R&B joints in the Works. XMAS project is DUN DUN from my end. Mixing THIS week Releasing THIS week. Got some interesting JOINTS for the XMAS you might laff at a few (to be honest they are only a few). Other shit will be popping soon but not soon enough. I'll be back soon I promise!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just Click Just Read

The Realest Shit I Ever Read

Click the Pic

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Baje Town StlyeE!!!

Big Ups to TREZAY!!!! Here he is performing the track NEW GIRL that Yours Truly Produced for him its the first single offa his NEW ALBUM check the performance out MP3 soon come!

Ok Kay Kay Kay Kay!!!!

Whats the word ma people ma people!!! If you are reading this blog today Nov. 4 2008 you shouldn't be you should be out voting, vote for who you want but I'm giving my endorsement to the "O".

I been working mad hard, doing mad stuff, taking mad meetings and signing mad artist. Shout outs to my people and my persons yall know who yall are.

Im listening to the WAVE now and C&W is choosing this heightened political climate to fly under the radar and re brand to LIME, I'm still a lil sour with them but you are talking to a man that is very hard to please.

I dont even know what I gots for yall right about now but soon soon soon enough. Anyways I am chopping up and uploading an interview from my littlest brother KAYO aka Caribbean Carter aka Mr. I Love Music. I cut it up into three parts so check it out below

Kayo CKDU Interview Part 1

Kayo CKDU Interview Part 2

Kayo CKDU Interview Part 3

For Pics and Stuff head over to