Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ok Kay Kay Kay Kay!!!!

Whats the word ma people ma people!!! If you are reading this blog today Nov. 4 2008 you shouldn't be you should be out voting, vote for who you want but I'm giving my endorsement to the "O".

I been working mad hard, doing mad stuff, taking mad meetings and signing mad artist. Shout outs to my people and my persons yall know who yall are.

Im listening to the WAVE now and C&W is choosing this heightened political climate to fly under the radar and re brand to LIME, I'm still a lil sour with them but you are talking to a man that is very hard to please.

I dont even know what I gots for yall right about now but soon soon soon enough. Anyways I am chopping up and uploading an interview from my littlest brother KAYO aka Caribbean Carter aka Mr. I Love Music. I cut it up into three parts so check it out below

Kayo CKDU Interview Part 1

Kayo CKDU Interview Part 2

Kayo CKDU Interview Part 3

For Pics and Stuff head over to www.caribbeancarter.com

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