Friday, December 9, 2011

Shepp Dawg | The Pork | A Shepp Roc'N Christmas |

Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Shepp Dawg for Xmas 2011

I'd like to think it was a pretty productive week so lets keep the party going.

Been listening to some audio and picked up some pretty cool advice from a Mark Sanbon, I just googled him and found this article . If you have the time check it out its very interesting.

And remember "the rising tide floats all boats" if you don't know what it means, just stayed tuned...


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One more night

OMG! Did I just say OMG darn I just said it twice... what a long day I had. Went to sleep with a dream and woke up to a nightmare. Today was an emotional roller-coaster one of these days I will write a song and explain everything or maybe not.

Shepp Dawg and I had a 5 call it 3 minute interview up at Serenity park in Castries today talk about a 2 hr drive for a 3 minute job. All in a days work I guess. We had some time to catch up about the Toronto gig and the stories are priceless. I am gonna let him tell those though.

After that it was back to the studio where we went over some material he had sitting there and waited for Mecca to show up. We ended up recording two new demos and had an impromptu conversation about the state of the industry and the next few steps we need to take.

If you have any marketing ideas you are willing to share, hit me up I am willing to consider pretty much anything. As of right now I need to set up some queues and go to sleep. I will try to be a little more captivating tomorrow.



Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 26 - Take Me Home

Hey, what's up? I hope everything has been cool with you? Just wanna take some time out and say thank you for all the support especially in the past 6 months, your downloads,comment, reposts, tweets and shares have meant so much to this project.( This might be a long one so maybe you should start downloading)

Young Mecca Half Way Home:


I've gotta say, that when I presented the Mecca Mondays project to the team (#teamDream), the notion of releasing new original music to the public on a weekly basis; seemed not only far fetch but also crazy and a "pain in the ass". I guess being a great a producer comes with skills to be quite convincing as well. Not only are we in our 26th week, but we have also recorded years worth of a material, shot a number of videos - some that are yet to be released (some that may never be) and secured licensing deals with companies that will be using our music and brand in very creative ways.

I'm sitting here watching the f8 keynote speech by Mark Zuckerberg, listening to him speak abut the new TIMELINE feature for Facebook is giving me a lot of new ideas. I wanted to take some time to speak about the music and the mixtape, and the new compilation Half Way Home. I have to say that as easy as it may look, committing to bring you new stories new sounds and new experiences, is just that one heck of a commitment. I can sit in the studio for hours just thinking of new and exciting ways to make you think, feel and move. I make music so with everything I do there is a lot of me in there.

From sampling old rock records to fishing youtube for dialogue, looking for ways to not only keep you intrigued but Mecca's as well. As a producer you sometimes got to coax the artist into trying something that he or she may not think is the right thing at the time. Breaking boundaries is what Mecca is all about these days, but there is an old saying that you can't get to where you're going if you don't know where you've been.

So that for me explains the diversity of the projects, the amalgamation of styles in the songs. The hip hop with the dance the reggae with the rap and so on. The pop culture references the geeky beats, the sing song hooks and raw emotion; are all the brain child of two frustrated artists from two different worlds who somehow found common ground.

Being from St.Lucia has a lot to do with it too. I don't know about too many other places in the world but I know that this island is a interesting place. We tend to FINISH before we begin, many artist in my opinion have achieved certain things almost before thier time due to pure luck or just lack of direction. Sometimes there is a sense of gratification that we feel deserving of that we haven't quite worked for as yet. The fans the admiration the respect and of course most painfully the money. Yes being a musician is a job, being a songwriter is a career, but that doesn't mean you get paid or compensated the same way "other" people do. I know sometimes "mom & dad" can apply a lot of pressure to go out there and follow "the plan" but whose plan is it anyways.

I've followed a lot of plans all in this pursuit of happyness and they all lead back to music, so here I am and this is where I will stay. In interviews the question of money and our style of music come up from time to time. It really is a pain being asked this because for as much Urban music that I hear all on the radio stations and tv networks on this island; the creation of anything other than Soca Reggae or Calypso has been frowned upon for years now. So after years of trying to fit in for lack of a better term. Mecca, Shepp and myself have decided to just BE. Make our our music have fun with it and BE.

So for the past 25 Mondays and the 27 to follow we will continue to bless you with our creative talents but it wont ever stop there. Our ultimate goal is to solidify our brand "Dupes Did it Music" as a force to seriously be reckoned with on an regional and international scale, taking our music to every corner of the earth that would have us. There are a lot of other players involved my apologies if you feel I should have mentioned you. I want to thank you again for taking the time and being there for me and with me. I would really suck to do this alone and you make it fun.

Here is your prize for following my bad grammar and spelling. Here is a link to download Young Mecca's Half Way Home Parts I & II with production by yours truly Dupes.


Friday, October 21, 2011

"Half Way Home Part 2" Artwork

Make this part of your collection.... Monday Oct 24th 2011

"Half Way Home Part 1" Artwork

Coming this Monday, week 26 be on the look out for an amazing digital collection of content.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Scotty McCrerry Made History... What did you do?

I am more of a fan of the runner up Lauren whatever her name is on top of that I haven't paid much attention to Idol in years but nonetheless this is good look and inspiration that Fairytales do come true... check it out HERE

Need to stop giving a .....

I was gonna post a video for Swim Good the track is crazy addictive. Whilst searching for that youtube hoodness I came across the official video for NOVACANE so

Frank Ocean is a real top shotta if you ask me.... Spent a little time in the studio today back and forth put down two hooks lets see what comes of it. Anyways on to it I really need to start joining the "in crowd" and not give a mother F about anything. It really appears to work so well at times. Now I am nothing talking about creative freedom, I'm down with freeing my self of inhibitions and just being creative that's cool (F the Status Qou) if your an artist make music be creative that's all goody.

Here is another Frank Ocean joint that is absolute fire as well

Back to it, what I'm speaking on is overall waking up in the morning setting some goals and getting that shit done. You have no idea how bad I feel at the end of the day if I don't do that shit I makes be damn near suicidal, we got 24hrs right and many of us use what, none of em. How is that even possible. Get off your ass and do something you write, draw, sing, create ... make something happen.

It really is marathon not a sprint so it's the little things that count. If your sitting there and wondering why things aint going your way get up off your ass and make things happen. Holla back in a week and lemme know how that turned out.

P.S. it aint all about the internet either there is a world out there jump on it.

Anyways here is SWIM GOOD

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Opening for the "The Throne" Next Tour its me...

So word is @meccamusic sent the "Hungover" video to Dev, The Cataracs & Far East Movement.. word also is we got some positive feedback.....

I can sleep happier tonight....

Keep Grinding.... I am.....

Monday, September 5, 2011

Home Again

Just hopped of the Plane, it feels good to be in St.Lucia again. Now I can get back to work. So two Mondays flew by and you had the Dupes Did It Debut of Travis Jules on the singles "Take Your Clothes Off" by Young Mecca ft Dupes & Travis Jules along with this Monday's "Muhammad Ali" Ft Shepp Dawg and Travis Jules.

Both tracks are great and will be a nice addition to your ipod playlist for the week. Head on over to to subscribe to his fan page and get free music every week....

Follow Young Mecca on twitter via @meccamusic the man tweets like crazy and is often manic depressive.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Get Around

Yo what it do? Just dropping a quick line its been crazy lately. We had a camera man from Trinidad on island for a few so we took full advantage and shot a slew of new videos to accompany tracks on Young Mecca's latest mixtapes Alienated & Initial Contact. So keep your eyes peeled and be on the look out for new visuals coming really soon.

Today I had the odd experience of seeing myself interviewed. I taped an interview last Friday for LOCAL TV and it aired this morning. I was quite an out of body experience. Just looking at my mannerism and the way I speak it was weird. My mother had the line of the morning when she said "One thing about Sherwinn he has all this knowledge in his head" . My opinion is that I'm fidgety nervous and have quite an annoying laugh ( But that's just me )

I'm flying back to the US soon for a few, I need to be back with my family I miss them like crazy. Absence truly does make the heart grow and I can safely say my heart is engorged. But solo time is always good I learned a few things about myself and it was a good experience. I've got to get back to making some music though and releasing some of my tracks. I have been recently inspired and writing like a fiend I hope to get these tracks laid down and in your ears soon.

Thanks for the love and support


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Turn Ya Speakers Up - Young Mecca

Official Visual for "Turn Ya Speakers Up" off of "Initial Contact"

Monday, July 11, 2011

1 Mixtape 2 Mixtape 3 Mixtape 4.....

Ok well not that many just yet but as we put the finishing touches on "Initial Contact", I would just like to let you know that "Alienated" is available for purchase at all the major digital outlets.

Here is an itunes link and also on for CDbaby

Monday, June 13, 2011

Alienated - The Mixtape

Here is goes people the mixtape is out its on and popping head over to this link and grab a copy.

Like I said before this is just a few weeks of hard work with me and Young Mecca support the movement.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stay Up to Date

Hey, thanks for stopping by. Today I think I have made a commitment to blog daily. Its gonna be quite a commitment for someone with a schedule such as mine but lets give it a shot.

I am coming off of a very high energy month having just completed the first month of the #meccamondays series, released the #alienated Mixtape and helped host Hourglass:Age of the Goddess event.

With #meccamondays Young Mecca and I have committed to releasing a song a week for the entire year the last track should be released in May. Every song will be accompanied with some level of video be it behind the scenes or an underground video. So far we have been pretty consistent and response has been amazing.

Here is a link to Young Mecca's Facebook page so you can click like and get access to the material.

The #alienated mixtape released June 11th 2010 is a compilation of new tracks all recording during the #meccamonday sessions. That being said these songs are not fillers or recording room fodder, they were crafted especially for your entertainment. 23 banging tracks that range from party tracks, hard hitting lyrical content and sultry hip-hop/rnb records.

Follow @dupesbeatbox or @meccamusic for exclusive access to a free copy of #Alienated.

Hourglass Age of the Goddess was an event made to honor the power of the woman, and that it did the Garden Inn was packed with ladies of all shades all stunningly dressed and the love vibe was in the air. Moonman gave away copies of the alienated mixtape along with a "spray kit" for the Goddess' deemed the most stunning. Not only was the dancefloor on fire with music provided by Dj Swahli and Hardcore sounds but the Pool was sizzling with bikini laden beauties.

Look out for upcoming events from Moonman Entertainment by joining his facebook page here

So in the days to come I will either be hitting you with Text, Video or Audio letting you know how things are going to be sure to follow by blog by clicking the widget on the left and sticking with me on twitter @dupesbeatbox

Peace God.

"Never Contract a Friendship with a Man that is not Greater than thyself" Confucius


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Secret Lovers Garden - Kenyatta Fire

I had the honor of working this Kenyatta on this project and was blessed enough to get 3 tracks placed on this album Secret Lovers Garden ... this album is just epic it stays on repeat on my ipod and so should it on yours.

Head over to this link and get a copy from itunes

Secret Lovers Garden is just Epic

Here are the tracks produced by yours truly

Pon Your Grip

Whine Pon You

Blue Sky's and Summers Morning

Support this ALBUM buy multiple copies and tell your friends Secret Lovers Garden is out now....

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mecca Mondays 3/52 - Walk On Water

Download Walk on Water NOW

Sign Ur Self contest Winners

Just to clarify for those following the contest There are two winners one was based on votes and the other is based on following the criteria of the contest. So with no further ado here are the results

So congrats to Debbie and BIG shout outs to TRAVIS for being the ULTIMATE winner......

Check out to see the videos of the 3 contestants..

PS. I gotta say that everyone that participated is MAD talented and I was really impressed by the efforts put in I'm looking forward to working with ALL 3 contestants in the future..

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mecca Mondays 2/52 - New Regime ft Kombat

It's Crazy how quick a week goes by! I'm happy to say we are still standing and although it's only week to this project is a beast and the workload is HYPED!

Check out "New Regime" ft Kombat @force1combat.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy another Mecca Monday

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mecca Monday 1/52 - Get Paid

Click this Button Share the new single on facebook on twitter and get your FREE DOWNLOAD of GET PAID! the New Mecca Monday Single......

Monday, April 11, 2011

Under Construction

So it's just crazy how CRAZY you can get when you have a little downtime. We are currently in the process of rebuilding the House of Wax studio so H.O.W. V2.0 is almost here.

But I cant escape the feeling of total anxiety and questioning the construction, making sure everything is in the right place and the walls are properly layered. The second layer of drywall is going in now. I don't have access to some of the material that I would like to use so I am improvising.

All in all I know I just gotta work with what I have and make the best of it. The rest will definitely come. I will take some pictures today and post them on FLICKR so you can see.

Also the TEAM DREAM contest is on now I just created a short link so check it out

This is an opportunity to get the spotlight on whatever hustle your pushing so give it a good go.

Shout outs to the artist out there and let's get successful.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Team Dream presents Sign Ur Self

Ever feel like you're on this little island pushing as hard as you can but nothing's happening? Well Moonman Entertainment and Dupes Did Music have decided to change all that. Check out the video right now its time to change all of that.

So here is the long and short of it click the link here Enter your email address and download the instrumental

Record your best work and post it up on the Dupes Did It Music Facebook Page

Let's Get it Started the submission deadline is April 30th 2011

Link to Instrumental

Link to Dupes Did It Music Facebook page

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Old Enough Too

As I sit in my office and I look outside I observe some of the youngsters I knew growing up sip on Red Stripe. It made me think about being old enough.. It's a funny thing growing up in St.Lucia that there are only a few things that you need to be old enough to do. I think driving, voting and owning a gun license are some of them. Kids here can drink whenever, have sex whenever (well kinda) and work whenever.

It's a funny thing because maybe that is why we seem to be more experienced or more mature than our American counterparts. When I speak with people about the things I have been through and the age I was when they happened it almos amazes them. But its just a way of life for us here and we go with with.

It doesn't mean that every man is not still immature and that all our female counterparts are not way grown before their time (puberty is nice like that). But it scales things I guess since you dont have to be old enough then that should mean you can do anything at anytime. But that seems to work against us we never grow up because we think we are all grown up already.

I walk around and see people that used to teach me at high school trying to recapture their twenties before forty hits. I dont want to be like that forty is not the new twenty it is forty, shit its damn near 50 if you ask me. Im all for being forever young but this is just crazy.

Let's really think about this when are we gonna be old enough to realize that we should own our house before we own a car. Maybe stop deferring our maturity by going to a new school program every four years. I am all for living life but I like to think that there is plan and a purpose to it as well.

In the meantime keep doing what you do... I will keep doing what I do and let's make it happen.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Thank You

Just a quick note to say thanks.

So I wanna say I'm thankful for my friends, ever demanding, always there to lend me an ear when I need one. I am also thankful for the opportunity to wake up daily and do some of the things that I love. I'm thankful for the meeting I had yesterday the information I received was quite eye opening and left me ever inspired.

Thanks to my family for putting up with me and thanks to my wife and son for loving me unconditionally.

Remember "A diamond has no value to baby they treat everything the same" we could learn a lot of from that.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Malice of The Clipse THE iNterview

Only Clipse record I was into was "Lord Willin" I mean back then everybody was Grindin! and the second took way too long to come. I met Malice once in a Club in NY a year ago, really cool dude (I think it was him) he's a twin and since he didn't have the corn rows I could only assume.

Dr. Dre - I Need A Doctor (Explicit) ft. Eminem, Skylar Grey

When "Kush" dropped I was sure if the Doc was really getting ready to hit us a full album... this shows serious progress. Big Ups! to Skylar Grey for being on every hip hop hit out there right now..

I'm coming home. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Morning Early

As I sit here and format my 1.36TB drive into the House of Wax Rig, I wonder... why is this taking so long. I'm anxious and as usual running out of hard drive space. I am for lack of a better term a digital pack rat, I also prefer the term HARD DRIVE HOARDER (cue A&E Soundtrack). I am also listening to a Howard Stern show from last year, Stern takes me away from the drama in the world by giving me a peek into everyone else's. As of right now he is riffing on the Levi Johnston on The View (see below)

If anyone out there knows how that whole thing turned out, let me know (not that I care I just need the comments on the blog).

It has been an interesting week I have been plotting the next couple of moves in this chess game and whilst I am motivating myself with audio video and text, I keep having this sense of mortality creeping up on me. So I guess this is why I am up right now upgrading the rig making it the best it can be if only to enhance my process of making beats.

Had a long convo with Shayne this evening, everybody got the MagicJack these days man (yet another thing I didn't invent... I'm sorry I got to move to India). We caught up on recent developments and went on about the music biz. Shayne and I have a funny way of saying the same thing in completely different ways it's just one of those things. I guess it keeps the conversation moving I'm starting to think we should be on The View.

Ah the way forward, it is amazing how you can see your destination set your goals and then immediately feel completely overwhelmed about actually getting it done or waiting for the day only because you have previous commitments and you are not in control of some of the factors.

My blackberry is off WHEW! I'm relieved. I follow way too many people on twitter but there is so much to absorb experience and take advantage of I can't even fathom what I may be missing out on. Did I also mention I have a case of Digital A.D.D. one look at my profile will tell you that. Step away to link to my profile and just read a headline that Egypt's Internet went down.

I kinda wish my Internet was down for a little bit I might get some house work done. Went to Walmart today and the young lady was trying to figure out what I was doing with shipping tape and a toilet repair kit. I should have replied that the paper chaffs but that would have just been rude. If you haven't already figured it out this is gonna be one of those blogs.

Holla back and hit me on twitter @dupesbeatbox

PS Kenny Rogers is the man
Don't ask... Cuz I won't tell!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tyrone Wells - Use Somebody

Just heard this cover on the STERN SHOW had to SHARE IT !!!!!

Check out for more great music

Thursday, January 20, 2011

M-Audio Venom BABY!

Big Ups to my fellow ASCAP members

Here are some profiles of Upcoming ASCAP writers that are doing it BIG

DJ Frank E

Name of first major placement.

DJ Frank E: "Me & U," by Flo Rida.

What was your most memorable studio moment?

D: I was in New York for the first time, working with Madonna, who I had never met. At the beginning of the session, she walked in the room and said to me, "So, you're the one?" I smiled and politely said, "No, YOU'RE the one." We got along great, after that.

What equipment do you use to compose music?

D: Ableton Live, Midi Keyboard, Virtual Instruments, and Samples.

What distinguishes you from other producers?

D: The fact that I'm a DJ is a huge advantage, as a music producer. After I finish a song or a remix that I really love, I have the ability to test the record out in clubs. I get to see how the audience reacts to it and how it would blend with other songs that are in the same genre. Also, by being a DJ, I'm exposed to the hottest international music. So I have a variety of influences that I can use when I'm looking to make new music. Another fact that separates me from other producers is that I write topline lyrics and melodies. I believe that writing with the artist helps to bring my full vision for a song to life. Lastly, what separates me from other producers is the fact that I've been successful in producing records in multiple genres. I've been able to produce on Hip-Hop records, such as B.o.B's, "Airplanes pt. I" and on Pop/Dance records, such as Chris Brown's, "Yeah 3x."

Read More

This is just great inspiration to see my peers making these big steps

Check out

and Lundon

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Iron Butterfly

Iron Butterfly
Originally uploaded by sherwinn.brice

Iron Butterfly

Iron Butterfly
Originally uploaded by sherwinn.brice

Iron Butterfly

Iron Butterfly
Originally uploaded by sherwinn.brice

Iron Butterfly

Iron Butterfly
Originally uploaded by sherwinn.brice

Female Artist I Didnt Know Much About

Check out this blog post from THE COCOA DIARIES to learn about some stars from across the pond.

I know we all know Estelle but how many people know like these brief backstories...


Don't ask... Cuz I won't tell!

Don't ask... Cuz I won't tell!
Originally uploaded by sherwinn.brice

Hmm. Personally I prefer Red Bull

Hmm. Personally I prefer Red Bull
Originally uploaded by sherwinn.brice

Disco Inferno - The Office

Where are my Original "The Office" Fans out there show Mr Brent some LOVE!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tha Bizness In The Studio w/ DJ Khalil

Great Video of some of the guys I look up too just speaking the BIZ!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

V: The Compilation

I am a HUGE fan of Verse Simmonds (@versesimmonds) found out about him via Rock City another group that I am just bonkers about I got everything that they ever put out. I was overjoyed with the recent news that Verse aka Mr. Buy You Round will be dropping a mixtape every month this year (Better make space on your ipod)

Today he released a two part compilation check it out and enjoy be sure to comment

Here are the links PART 1 and PART 2

If You aint familiar GET FAMILIAR

Be sure to follow me on twitter @dupesbeatbox

Monday, January 3, 2011

Do It Baby - J.Silva ft. Mecca (Prod. by Dupes)

J-Silva Ft. Mecca - Do It Baby (Produced By Dupes) by sherwinnbrice

Download the Official single here from the Islands Finest

Make sure you sign up to the mailing list for all exclusive content this year Free Downloads Giveaways and More SIGN UP NOW

Full Throttle - The Movie

Oh man my cousin Matthew and I used to spend hours playing Full Throttle. Here is a brief synopsis

Full Throttle is a computer adventure game developed and published by LucasArts. It was designed by Tim Schafer, who would later go on to design the critically acclaimed titles Grim Fandango, Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. The game features voice actors Roy Conrad and Mark Hamill. It was released on April 30, 1995. It is the tenth game to use the SCUMM adventure game engine. (more)

Oh man and up till a day like to day we are big LUCAS ARTS fans. I'm happy to know that we are not alone someone put together all the footage from the game and made "Full Throttle The Movie"

Full Throttle: The Video Game: The Movie from Tom King on Vimeo.

If this brings back memories feel free to comment TWEET or SHARE ON FACEBOOK.


Memento Mori - Remember You Die

Memento Mori from Zumbakamera on Vimeo.

Today the 3rd of January is Memento Mori (Remember You Die) Day. Now why would I bring up such a depressing subject you say? This is not meant to bring you down at all this is just something to make us all more aware that we all have a time limit, an expiration date of sorts. What do you do with the milk when you know the expiration date is close? Take full advantage of that thing and make the best use of it, we make milkshakes smoothies and start eating all the cereal you can so that money you spent on that gallon doest got to waste.

Same applies to life only difference is we don't know the day we just know its coming; that's what makes it interesting. We all have a proverbial bus just waiting to hit us so why not have fun and live life to its fullest before we have to pay the fare.

Go out and do something even if its for 5 minutes that you absolutely enjoy and savor it. We all got responsibilities we all have stress but we all have a final day. Lets enjoy this thing whilst we are here and leave the worries behind.


This is really some sad news if it turns out to be true. Everyday we are looking for ways to get our music out there by sending it to labels and hoping that our demos can turn heads so we could get picked up and magically change our lives. Look I read a tweet last night that 75% percent of acts signed last year will be shelved. Just think about the amount of acts that made their demo two years ago that we haven't heard a thing from today.

The label system is cool if you can get in and get the love I wouldn't turn down a steady music paycheck for anything. But lets build our own armies so we could keep a bit more of our PAPER in our pockets.

If the Peas took this song or were inspire they should give credit and duckets where its due.

Follow the link for more