Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One more night

OMG! Did I just say OMG darn I just said it twice... what a long day I had. Went to sleep with a dream and woke up to a nightmare. Today was an emotional roller-coaster one of these days I will write a song and explain everything or maybe not.

Shepp Dawg and I had a 5 call it 3 minute interview up at Serenity park in Castries today talk about a 2 hr drive for a 3 minute job. All in a days work I guess. We had some time to catch up about the Toronto gig and the stories are priceless. I am gonna let him tell those though.

After that it was back to the studio where we went over some material he had sitting there and waited for Mecca to show up. We ended up recording two new demos and had an impromptu conversation about the state of the industry and the next few steps we need to take.

If you have any marketing ideas you are willing to share, hit me up I am willing to consider pretty much anything. As of right now I need to set up some queues and go to sleep. I will try to be a little more captivating tomorrow.



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