Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 26 - Take Me Home

Hey, what's up? I hope everything has been cool with you? Just wanna take some time out and say thank you for all the support especially in the past 6 months, your downloads,comment, reposts, tweets and shares have meant so much to this project.( This might be a long one so maybe you should start downloading)

Young Mecca Half Way Home:


I've gotta say, that when I presented the Mecca Mondays project to the team (#teamDream), the notion of releasing new original music to the public on a weekly basis; seemed not only far fetch but also crazy and a "pain in the ass". I guess being a great a producer comes with skills to be quite convincing as well. Not only are we in our 26th week, but we have also recorded years worth of a material, shot a number of videos - some that are yet to be released (some that may never be) and secured licensing deals with companies that will be using our music and brand in very creative ways.

I'm sitting here watching the f8 keynote speech by Mark Zuckerberg, listening to him speak abut the new TIMELINE feature for Facebook is giving me a lot of new ideas. I wanted to take some time to speak about the music and the mixtape, and the new compilation Half Way Home. I have to say that as easy as it may look, committing to bring you new stories new sounds and new experiences, is just that one heck of a commitment. I can sit in the studio for hours just thinking of new and exciting ways to make you think, feel and move. I make music so with everything I do there is a lot of me in there.

From sampling old rock records to fishing youtube for dialogue, looking for ways to not only keep you intrigued but Mecca's as well. As a producer you sometimes got to coax the artist into trying something that he or she may not think is the right thing at the time. Breaking boundaries is what Mecca is all about these days, but there is an old saying that you can't get to where you're going if you don't know where you've been.

So that for me explains the diversity of the projects, the amalgamation of styles in the songs. The hip hop with the dance the reggae with the rap and so on. The pop culture references the geeky beats, the sing song hooks and raw emotion; are all the brain child of two frustrated artists from two different worlds who somehow found common ground.

Being from St.Lucia has a lot to do with it too. I don't know about too many other places in the world but I know that this island is a interesting place. We tend to FINISH before we begin, many artist in my opinion have achieved certain things almost before thier time due to pure luck or just lack of direction. Sometimes there is a sense of gratification that we feel deserving of that we haven't quite worked for as yet. The fans the admiration the respect and of course most painfully the money. Yes being a musician is a job, being a songwriter is a career, but that doesn't mean you get paid or compensated the same way "other" people do. I know sometimes "mom & dad" can apply a lot of pressure to go out there and follow "the plan" but whose plan is it anyways.

I've followed a lot of plans all in this pursuit of happyness and they all lead back to music, so here I am and this is where I will stay. In interviews the question of money and our style of music come up from time to time. It really is a pain being asked this because for as much Urban music that I hear all on the radio stations and tv networks on this island; the creation of anything other than Soca Reggae or Calypso has been frowned upon for years now. So after years of trying to fit in for lack of a better term. Mecca, Shepp and myself have decided to just BE. Make our our music have fun with it and BE.

So for the past 25 Mondays and the 27 to follow we will continue to bless you with our creative talents but it wont ever stop there. Our ultimate goal is to solidify our brand "Dupes Did it Music" as a force to seriously be reckoned with on an regional and international scale, taking our music to every corner of the earth that would have us. There are a lot of other players involved my apologies if you feel I should have mentioned you. I want to thank you again for taking the time and being there for me and with me. I would really suck to do this alone and you make it fun.

Here is your prize for following my bad grammar and spelling. Here is a link to download Young Mecca's Half Way Home Parts I & II with production by yours truly Dupes.


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