Saturday, August 23, 2008

X mas is Far but Im Expensive

Look, let me get my M.Carey on I dont want alot for XMAS there are a few things i REALLY NEED.... and if I dont get em well I dont think "We Belong Together"


MPC 2500

If I cant get that get me a MPD32

More to Come we are a long ways away. Wait till you see the mic I need.


Friday, August 22, 2008

HMS Returns

Got ROYALTY check today!!!!! Now I know no one reads this blog I know this, but I don't care. First of all I would like to thank KAYO and TECH for collecting my HMS CHECK!!!!

Lemme See if i get a picture.....................

^^^^^Tech and Kayo in that pic there (Someone Say Eiffel Tower?)^^^^^

NOW LETS ROLL, DUDE I have to be at least in the top 5 producers and songwriters on this Island of mine and I get a measly what I got. Shit man Im bitching cuz I'm hurting for the dough right now. I have already filled out my application to ASCAP and this is the beginning of my resignation.

HMS says they pulled in somewhere near 300k this year and I get peanut shells not even peanuts, COME ON BRUVHS and SUGAH SISTAS!

Where is the love? I am not going to give you the track listing and discog, yet and you know I will be disputing this check.

So I will see you on the BANK LINE!!!!!!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

On the Clearport Right Now!!!

Honestly People, Blogging is it

By the time most of yall lovers and haters read this I would prolly be in the AYER or without the ebonic AIR. I wanna take more pics but with TSA and all hmmm. Anyways Im not done with my Chris Columbus yet so don't stress nun Im just Chris crossing. By the way yall dont even know where I'm goin anyways I mean i could be headed to PRAGUE. I will email you from Prague i promise.

So I'm chilling you chilling, I can have whatever I like and So can you "If you own your publishing". Can't front airport security was a breeze and now Im interneting it Airport stlye. I hate flying I hate lines I hate take off, WISH a brother Luck.