Monday, July 27, 2009

Cherry L Faces In The Crowd and Always Strapped Rmx

Climbing Charts Again TWIZZY and MECCA doing it HUGE

So Im on and I see that Im the producer of the number 3 track(FIRE) on the chart and the number 20 track (HELLO WHAT IT DO); I'm singing both hooks too so I'm thinking lemme pat myself on the back and be happy about it.

Here is the screen shot. Head over the and SUPPORT the movement play the song once or twice. Hit it up.

Head over to the myspace pages and show so love


Friday, July 17, 2009

Jeremy Harding: Sean Paul

Jeremy Harding: Sean Paul’s Manager

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I read articles about the biz all day if I can this one has some serious serious INSIGHT peep it take the knowledge and keep it!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Anyone Ready for a Swim?

So I am not even gone a week yet and all kinds of ish is goin down. Damn St.Lucia just aint easy is it. From what Im hearing POWER SOCA MONARCH is under investigation; hahahahahahaha I love drama! Somebody call the SOCA POLICE.

Since I've been in ny I have seen everything even SOAT (Snakes on a Train) snitches!!! Big ups to the URI band and the URIMovement; the guys are gigging hard and doing it big.

Cherry L is being his Cherry L self and will be performing with some big names once again very very soon. Its been a year since we left for the US and things are developing quite nicely.

If ya didnt know I had a big sale at the HOUSE OF WAX and sold most of my STUFF, some dude at STudio 9 is quite happy trust me. I hit up GUITAR CENTRE and look what I GOT (click here)

Long story short I'm broke now. Imma up a video of me using it you might like what you see and hear.

Kayo Mixtape Underway New Cherry L tracks coming and just more more more!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ok I wanna Start Selling Out!! ULTRA SLIM!!!

What's good I gotta share the cool stuff I see online with people yo so consider this the day my blog died and I stopped talking about me but hey who cares. Check this out