Thursday, July 16, 2009

Anyone Ready for a Swim?

So I am not even gone a week yet and all kinds of ish is goin down. Damn St.Lucia just aint easy is it. From what Im hearing POWER SOCA MONARCH is under investigation; hahahahahahaha I love drama! Somebody call the SOCA POLICE.

Since I've been in ny I have seen everything even SOAT (Snakes on a Train) snitches!!! Big ups to the URI band and the URIMovement; the guys are gigging hard and doing it big.

Cherry L is being his Cherry L self and will be performing with some big names once again very very soon. Its been a year since we left for the US and things are developing quite nicely.

If ya didnt know I had a big sale at the HOUSE OF WAX and sold most of my STUFF, some dude at STudio 9 is quite happy trust me. I hit up GUITAR CENTRE and look what I GOT (click here)

Long story short I'm broke now. Imma up a video of me using it you might like what you see and hear.

Kayo Mixtape Underway New Cherry L tracks coming and just more more more!!!

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