Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Get Around

Yo what it do? Just dropping a quick line its been crazy lately. We had a camera man from Trinidad on island for a few so we took full advantage and shot a slew of new videos to accompany tracks on Young Mecca's latest mixtapes Alienated & Initial Contact. So keep your eyes peeled and be on the look out for new visuals coming really soon.

Today I had the odd experience of seeing myself interviewed. I taped an interview last Friday for LOCAL TV and it aired this morning. I was quite an out of body experience. Just looking at my mannerism and the way I speak it was weird. My mother had the line of the morning when she said "One thing about Sherwinn he has all this knowledge in his head" . My opinion is that I'm fidgety nervous and have quite an annoying laugh ( But that's just me )

I'm flying back to the US soon for a few, I need to be back with my family I miss them like crazy. Absence truly does make the heart grow and I can safely say my heart is engorged. But solo time is always good I learned a few things about myself and it was a good experience. I've got to get back to making some music though and releasing some of my tracks. I have been recently inspired and writing like a fiend I hope to get these tracks laid down and in your ears soon.

Thanks for the love and support