Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Charting in the Top 10 on Broadjam

I have been spending so much time being busy I dont have time to blog. I should make more time to blog. So recently I signed up to BROADJAM.COM as a avenue for marketing and promoting my music with hopes of getting placements.

Placements are what every producer is after be it on a indie/major label project or something like tv/film or video games. This helps put "bread in the fridge" and get our names out there hence increasing our credits.

I have been putting a lot of the new catalog on and recently had some great reviews on the music that the team has be making. Below are some screenshots of our songs charting on various top 10 lists.

Cherry L - Friday #6 on the Overall TOP TEN

Cherry L - Turn Me Loose #8 on the REGGAE TOP TEN

Cherry L - Friday #6 on the Broadjam Earth Songs

Swing by my page show my music some love and if you are looking to get your self out there join the RACE


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