Sunday, April 19, 2009

Temper tested

So for the past few days I been in the zone, straight speeding with it. Making beats not givin a f. Doing what musicians do, being creative.

Get a phone call this morning offa some politics some jobs start coming in, inspired and motivated I rev up and hit a wall head first. I got smashed, had a fist fight with a brick wall again ( I keep losing those).

The studio is down again , so this is like 3rd crash for the year. First a flood second sound card debacle and now my motherboard caught on fire. All in all this shit sux.

After a few hrs of self pity I'm starting to pull myslef outta the hole I dug. Money to be spent tommorow and industry wise I aint sold a beat yet dude. Shit is getting wierd. Today alone I quit the bizz five times I'm just doing whatever I can till I can get to tomorrow.

CALI this week maybe FRANCE next.

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