Friday, October 3, 2008

But these Shades are Complicated

U Try looking thru yellow louvres all day. Anyways hows it going its October, the internet connection in ATL was a big iffy so I didnt do much blogging or updating lets just say that TSA got to see another side of me. Cherry L is in London. Kayo in NOVA SCOTIA. Shayne in St.Lucia and there is a GYMR reunion in the works.

I have got to make some time to put yall up on things from ATL it was fun and it was eye opening if you wanna see some pics then hit up the FACEBOOK.

I will be back I'm doing this IMEEM thing right now. Too many social sites these days hard to keep track.

Oh one thing I will say Photoshoot in london was crazy and the upcoming 5th anniversary YO! Magazine will be FLY!!!!

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tamicks said...

Just found your blog through Mecca's website. Interesting ... Keep it up! Now you know you have at least one reader lol