Saturday, December 6, 2008


I am a HUGE Motown Fan, Heck I even like Micheal McDonald and his super Caucasian doobie brother self. The music of that time well it made me who I am today mix in a lil sing along songs from Disney and you have one seemingly well adjusted individual.

I just had to put that out there. Its out there it was embarrassing but its true. Now on to the MUSAK BUSINESS.

Dec. 3 2008
Cherry L School Tour was on and popping. VFCSS well "WE ARE THE BEST" Cherry L took it back to were some of it really started and surely inspired the future leaders of the new cool.

And who better to keep the COOL in check but my buddy Cherry L. The school tour continues on Tuesday 9th Dec. 2009 and goes on from there. I will keep you posted.

New Music is in the works, Kim Whyte and Twizzy got some fly singles on the way and I'm talking like NASA fly these two young people are about to change the face of the south of St.Lucia and all I can say is "Hi Haters"

Christmas singles are out the Jab is Outta the Sac so support it download it spread it sell it. I will post some links as soon as I can.

The season is on and my vision is strong so its time for me to get my CYCLOPS on!


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