Monday, September 20, 2010

"Thank God I'm Black" By Stephen Dantes

If today I ask for God to make me a different race
I’d choose to be black all over again
I love all races just the same
But being me has much to gain;
Maybe slavery wasn’t in vain
Or maybe this time I had shelter from the rain

See yesterday I took the train
From New York to Quebec
To cross the border with my Godfather
And visit dear old Canada
And there were these Asians on board
All young, charismatic and fun

But upon the crossing to the great Maple state
I saw the excitement disappear as tears drew near
Three were taken away and sent back
To wherever, but definitely not Canada
And we felt like they had just robbed us all
As we saw our brothers and sister fall

See today I took the train,
To head back to Penn Station, New York
It was yet another wait station
And this time,
Yet again,
It was Asian
This time, two
They looked Chinese
Maybe Korean
Or Japanese
Shit I can’t even tell cause they all look the same to me.

Then tears of rain,
As he was lead with his female companion
In chains
But definitely not to America
And we all felt the shame
As yet another brother and sister were taken
To suffer much
The pain

Head over to my buddy Stephen Dantes' website to view more of his work.

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