Monday, September 27, 2010

So You're a Musician - REALLY!

Dang... the last time I posted was last Wednesday..I am definitely slacking. For those of you that have been checking out the site you will notice a few new links I got one page for you to join the mailing list and another to purchase some BANGIN' BEATS .... make sure you do one of the two before you hit the sack tonight, it would be really appreciated.

First lemme post this cool article that I read from NPR entitled 'So You're a Musician' here is a little preview

'So You're A Musician? Sweet Gig!' By Sarah Scanlon -- "So, what do you do for a living?" While this has to be one of the world's most awkward and unimaginative icebreakers, it poses a particularly daunting task for professional musicians. You can see the wheels in our heads spinning as we summon the energy and diplomatic skill needed to explain our complex and unorthodox career to someone who is most likely unfamiliar with this tiny niche of the workforce. ... I think it's one of the most important issues professional musicians face today: educating the general public to the services musicians provide and overcoming misconceptions about the nature of who we are; what we do; and exactly how much effort goes into our craft/art. READ MORE

Last night whilst watching my ROKU I came across Young Hollywood doing a better rendition of WE ARE THE WORLD then that BIEBER intro'd crew so I thought you guys should check that out as well

Lil Mama and Brian McKnight JR getting it in on the low. Enjoy that and give some feedback.....

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