Thursday, December 30, 2010

And its almost gone!

Wow! What a freaking year I've had. Not only have I become a home owner, a hustler and a better husband; I am a father! The past 10 months have been an absolute blast raising Aiden Brice and growing more aware of what this life and world really is has been eye opening.

So Boom! A lot of other things have changed I haven't been Home for two Christmases and although my Sorrel and Peanut Punch needs have been filled; a brother needs some black cake (hold the rum) just like Momma makes it. I gave gifts and got some not only did I get a fly new Avirex track jacket I also got me Decoded - Jay Z's new book. The only reason I haven't torn into it yet is that I have just been way to busy reading my NOOK.

The drama that ensued for me to get this product alone is better left for another blog post entirely. E book readers are funny though I still need a light to read it in the dark but I am gonna have so much space left when its time to fly again (I hate! hate traveling with luggage so all I need now is macbook pro *hint)

It's amazing how much traveling and working spending time and investing in yourself can have an effect on your day to day. There have been times when I felt like joining the rat race and keep a blind eye to what motivates me and what I'm passionate about.

But passion is the main this the key ingredient to this life. Find the one thing that you would if you had all the money in the world, figure out what it is you would do if you knew you had 6 months left to live. One of the hard parts is figuring that thing out and being proud of it. The really hard part is FOCUSING on it and do it.

I'm done with multitasking and trying to make a million things happen, I will get things done and I will wear many hats but I only got one head so its one hat at a time.

A video on states that you shouldn't really share your goals it actually stops you from achieving them. So instead of giving you a list of what I want to do or be I will just do it.

Here is a new song I heard from EM, J, Dre, 50, Stat Quo and Cashis called Syallables its fire ENJOY

"Roads! Where we're going we don't need ROADS!!" Peace out 2010!

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