Monday, January 3, 2011

Memento Mori - Remember You Die

Memento Mori from Zumbakamera on Vimeo.

Today the 3rd of January is Memento Mori (Remember You Die) Day. Now why would I bring up such a depressing subject you say? This is not meant to bring you down at all this is just something to make us all more aware that we all have a time limit, an expiration date of sorts. What do you do with the milk when you know the expiration date is close? Take full advantage of that thing and make the best use of it, we make milkshakes smoothies and start eating all the cereal you can so that money you spent on that gallon doest got to waste.

Same applies to life only difference is we don't know the day we just know its coming; that's what makes it interesting. We all have a proverbial bus just waiting to hit us so why not have fun and live life to its fullest before we have to pay the fare.

Go out and do something even if its for 5 minutes that you absolutely enjoy and savor it. We all got responsibilities we all have stress but we all have a final day. Lets enjoy this thing whilst we are here and leave the worries behind.

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